Saturday Kitchen's omelette challenge: The good, the bad and the totally inedible!

If you're a fan of Saturday Kitchen you'll know all about the joys of the omelette challenge. We've rounded up some of our favourites!

If you're a fan of Saturday Kitchen you'll know all about the joys of the omelette challenge.

Celeb chefs are set the task of making a three-egg omelette as fast as they possibly can to beat the world record of an omelette made in 40 seconds.

We've rounded up some of our favourite omelette challenge moments including the good, the bad and the totally inedible (ew!) Enjoy…

The one where it all began

The first ever omelette challenge featured Antonio Carluccio and Paul Rankin in 2006 – it was pretty tame in comparison to today's antics on the show!

The one where Ken Hom takes his time

Aw, we do love Ken Hom but making an omelette is definitely not his speciality. He even puts the finished omelette on the wrong plate – oh Ken!

The one with the three contestants

Hold on, do our eyes deceive us? There's three celeb chefs taking on this omelette challenge, one of which is cooking on a camping stove - a little unfair don't you think?

The one that misses the plate

We really do not like the look of these omelettes, especially Bill Granger's on the left. They definitely won't be serving it up for breakfast after the show – yuk!

The one where Michel Roux surprises us all

Who'd have thought this fellow would have so much speed. Taking the competition rather seriously, Michel Roux gives it his all.

The one that goes on forever

Chef Thomas Keller takes a record-breaking 2mins and 47 seconds to make his three-egg omelette. We don't think he really got the gist of the competition at all...

The one where celeb guest Antonio Banderas gets the giggles

We must say Antonio Banderas is really easy to entertain. Sitting on the side lines he watches in amusement as the two chefs whisk up an egg-frantic like there's no tomorrow.

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