27 Star Wars food ideas that are out of this world

Use the forks, Luke.

Star Wars food ideas

Whether you're a diehard Star Wars fan or totally disinterested in all things Padawan, you won't be able to resist these Star Wars food ideas.

There's something to please sweet and savoury fans, with everything from party nibbles to full character-inspired meals, and plenty of ideas for pun-ny Star Wars serving suggestions too.

From Princess Leia truffles to Bow-Ba Fett pasta, here are 27 out-of-this-world food ideas for the Star Wars lover in your life. May the forks be with you!

1. Baby Yoda sandwich

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2. Asteroid cookies

The secret ingredient in these tasty little bites? Rice Krispie squares! With a chocolate and biscuit coating, they're quick and simple to whip up, but look seriously special on your Star Wars party table. Get the recipe: As Cute As A Bugs Ear (opens in new tab)

3. Bantha cocoa

Blue bantha milk is all well and good, but bantha cocoa is even better. This recipe is made with white chocolate to make the colour really bright. Get the recipe: Totally The Bomb (opens in new tab)

4. Sarlacc bundt cake

Caramel bundt cake meets Biscoff crumbs meets salted caramel in this delicious creature-themed bake. Believe it or not, his teeth are made from buttercream... Get the recipe: Yummy Crumble (opens in new tab)

5. Chewbacca breakfast

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6. Bow-Ba Fett pasta

More of a serving suggestion than actual recipe, this presentation idea is great for parties or events where you're feeding a crowd. Pasta salad (opens in new tab) is ideal for paper cups, because it tends to be less oily, and you don't have to worry about it getting cold. Print the sign: Purple Patch Parties (opens in new tab)

7. Battle scene cake

Even if you've never witnessed this epic Anakin Skywalker battle, you'll be impressed by this easy-to-make cake. It's chocolate cake with bright orange buttercream and slabs of chocolate 'ground' stuck on top - simple, but effective! Get the recipe: One Perfect Day Blog (opens in new tab)

8. Carbonite jelly

All you need is a Han Solo figurine and some jelly cubes for this brilliant idea. Of course, real carbonite is grey, but we think the orange jelly is far more appealing... See more: The Chive (opens in new tab)

9. Chewie noodles

It's not all cakes and sweet treats (although we're not going to pretend that they're not our favourites... ) This healthy soba-noodle Chewie is just the thing for a Wookie lover's dinner. Get the recipe: Disposable Aardvarks Inc (opens in new tab)

10. Porg potatoes

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11. Fighters

If your Star Wars fans are more obsessed with the awesome spaceships than the characters, these fighters are just the thing. And they only require three ingredients! Get the recipe: Clean and Scentsible (opens in new tab)

12. Jabba the Hummus

Jabba the Hummus is full of goodness, unlike his onscreen counterpart! Serve with a selection of crudites like carrots, celery and cucumber for a filling side or meal. See more: The Chive (opens in new tab)

13. Chewie cake

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14. Leia truffles

How cute are these! The chocolate topping and adorable Rolo buns are hiding an Oreo truffle centre. Bet you can't eat just one... Get the recipe: The Cookie Rooki (opens in new tab)e (opens in new tab)

15. Jawa brownies

These shaped brownies are perfect for recreating Jawa's hooded silhouette. The added twist? A dash of peppermint. Get the recipe: Yummy Crumble (opens in new tab)

16. Star Wars macaroons

Macaroons are one of the more advanced Star Wars bakes, but the icing is surprisingly simple - all you need is a slim icing nozzle and a steady hand. Get the recipe: Semi Sweet Designs (opens in new tab)

17. Obi-Wan Kabab-ies

The maker of these kebabs has gone for just watermelon, but you could mix up your Obi-Wan Kabab-ies with any kind of fruit (or veggies) that you like. Print the label: All Things With Purpose (opens in new tab)

18. Princess Leia donut

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19. Pretzel lightsabers

These two-ingredient lightsabers won't survive many battles, but they will taste amazing. Think Flipz with a Star Wars twist. Get the recipe: I Should Be Mopping The Floor (opens in new tab)

20. Stormtrooper marshmallows

Who knew food colour pens could be so intricate? If you're feeling brave, you could colour the whole mallow black and try a Darth Vader design too. Get the recipe: Catch My Party (opens in new tab)

21. Princess Leia cupcakes

If you thought the Rolo buns were good, check out these Oreo ones! A basic cupcake recipe (opens in new tab) is topped with cream cheese icing and decorated with Leia's little features. Get the recipe: Just Jenn Recipes (opens in new tab)

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22. Stormtrooper pretzels

Two ingredients and an edible food pen is all you need to make these mini Stormtrooper snacks. Turns out pretzel knots are the exact helmet shape - who knew? Get the recipe: The Scrapshoppe Blog (opens in new tab)

23. Death Star cake pops

Okay, so the real Death Star isn't actually glittery, but a bit of extra sparkle never hurt anybody. Get the recipe: Pretty Providence (opens in new tab)

24. Three fun ideas...


25. Yoda soda

No Star Wars gathering is complete without something to wash the food down with. Yoda soda. Add food colouring to lemonade or Sprite, or use a colourful punch. Get the recipe: Purple Patch Parties (opens in new tab)

26. B88 quesadillas

What makes a droid even better? Cheese, of course. This little fella contains cream cheese (dyed with black food colouring), shredded Mexican cheese and cheddar - serve him with a side salad for a more balanced meal. Get the recipe: Totally The Bomb (opens in new tab)

27. Ewok granola bars

Tootsie rolls and two types of chocolate mean that these granola bars aren't exactly a healthy breakfast option, but they're a delicious sweet treat for very important occasions, like May the 4th. Get the recipe: Redefined Mom (opens in new tab)