When does Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale end? Finishing times of deals in the brand new sales event

How long do you have to snap up deals in Amazon's brand new 48-hour sale event?

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Amazon is launching a new sale event, the Prime Early Access Sale (opens in new tab), on 11 October, offering thousands of discounted products to savvy Prime members. But how long will you have to snap up the deals?

Earlier in the summer, Amazon Prime Day deals sent shoppers into a flurry - with many wanting to pick up great savings on the usual expensive gadgets and household essentials like hoovers, TVs, laptops and kitchenware. One of the many perks of having an Amazon Prime membership (opens in new tab) - it allows the company to reward loyal customers to fantastic offers during the sales event.

While this new event isn't being referred to as Amazon Prime Day (at least by Amazon), it'll work in the same way, so make sure you know how to get the best deals in an Amazon sale (opens in new tab).

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When does the Prime Early Access Sale end?

Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale in the UK ends at 11:59pm on Wednesday 12 October 2022. The event runs for two days starting on Tuesday 11 October, with deals exclusive to Prime members ending after 48 hours.

But make sure to plan ahead for what you are looking to buy to make sure you don't overspend. And remember a bargain is only a bargain if you were planning on buying it anyway. 

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Being a Prime sale event, you'll have to have an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of deals over the two days. But don't worry, if you're not yet a member, you can still sign up to a free 30-day Prime trial (opens in new tab) to access the sale. 

It's certainly worth getting involved on the sales event with huge deals always delivered on electronics, groceries, beauty and back to school essentials.

Prime Early Access deals - end time

Prime Early Access Sale deals are likely to end at 11.59pm on 12 October when the 48-hour event comes to an end. But like Amazon Prime Day, some offers may only be available for a shorter amount of time.

Some deals have been released already, but if previous Prime Day sales are anything to go by, you can expect great discounts on Amazon gadgets like Echo devices, Fire Sticks and Kindles. Plus other electrical items like smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, televisions and laptops.

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Lightning deals - end time

The end time for Lightning deals will vary per deal. They're different to other deals as the discount only applies for a short period of time, maybe even just a couple of hours. 

The good news is that Prime members get a 30-minute early access window with Lightning deals - to help you snap them up before they sell-out or finish. You can add items to a watchlist so you are notified when the sale starts so you can snap them up. 

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Deals of the Day - end time

Doing exactly what it says on the tin - Deals of the Day promotions will end after 24 hours

There is good news though - Deals of the Day often run on Amazon outside of Prime Day. So you'll stick be able to pick up a bargain outside the event - though there will likely be more Deals of the Day offers during an Amazon sale event than on a regular day.

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Prime Day vouchers

You might also spot some Amazon vouchers available on regular priced items that are not on offer during the event. Like the deals, it's expected that these will end at 11:59pm on 12 October.

Examples include 20% off hot and cold beverages, 15% off washing supplies, and between 10-5% off personal hygeine and skin care products. To make use of these vouchers, you want to hit the 'collect' button, go find the applicable item and add to cart - the discount will then be automatically applied.

Vouchers aren't only available during the sale event - in fact, you'll find some vouchers available during normal days on the site throughout the year. They're a handy thing to check in on to save an extra bob on groceries and other everyday essentials.

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How often is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day takes place once a year - usually falling around summertime in the UK. It started out as a one day event originally, but expanded to the 48-hour event we all know and shop in recent years.

Business Insider reported (opens in new tab) in June that a second Prime Day-style event was being planned for the autumn, but it was only recently confirmed by Amazon that a brand new event, the Prime Early Access Sale would be launching, just six weeks ahead of Black Friday. 

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