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With our bills higher than ever before, it’s no wonder that families are hunting for all the tips and tricks they can find to help save energy at home to keep energy bills as low as possible. 

2022 saw gas and electricity prices skyrocket, and while households are now protected by the Energy Price Guarantee, we’re still paying more than ever before for the energy we use. 

Add to that the fact that inflation is still in double digits, meaning we’re paying considerably more for the items we buy, especially food, than we were 12 months ago, leaving family budgets stretched even further. 

But while the thought of high bills can feel bleak, there are loads of simple hacks around to help reduce how much you spend.

Viral TikTok hack to help you save money

TikToker @costoflivingcrisistips shared a super simple hack to help you save money every time you wash up. 

The viral video shows how, once you have used your oven to cook, you can place a dish of cold water in the oven as it cools, leave it in there for a couple of minutes, and use the warmed water for your washing up - avoiding the need to use your hot tap at all!

This is a great way to really get the most out of the energy you use (and pay for) to heat your oven for cooking. The hack has proved extremely popular on the social media platform - since being posted in December, it has been viewed more than 780,000 times!


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Understandably, it’s important to be cautious and use a suitable container in the oven and to take care when getting it out, and testing the temperature before you start washing up. 

This isn’t the only oven hack that has been doing the rounds on social media. Users have also been sharing their tips on how you can use the heat you generated to cook your food to warm up your kitchen. This could mean you don’t need to have your central heating on for as long or as high to stay warm at home. 

Once you have finished cooking and turned the oven off, simply leave the oven door open and allow that heat to circulate around your kitchen. But if you do try this hack, make sure you keep children and pets away to avoid any accidents. 

 More washing up money-saving hacks 

Do you ever really pay attention to how much washing up liquid you use? I know I don't! Most of us tend to just squirt a healthy dose into the bowl, but this means we could be using more than we need to, and whizzing through bottles of washing up liquid faster than necessary. 

But another TikTok hack is doing the rounds that could help your washing up liquid last longer - simply use a teaspoon to measure out your washing up liquid - in most cases, this is exactly how much you will need to get your dishes squeaky clean. Genius!


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