This one word will get you two free crumpets at Morrisons Cafes this summer

Enjoy two free crumpets with butter and jam at one of Morrisons' 406 cafes in the UK as part of a new campaign

Person taking a bite out of a crumpet with butter and jam on it, while a second sits on the plate
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Families can enjoy two free crumpets with butter and jam at any Morrisons Cafe as part of a new initiative, just by asking for Ellen.

The Ask for Ellen campaign, a joint venture between Warburtons and Morrisons, is designed to help families struggling with the cost of living crisis - just in time for the summer holidays. Inflation remains high and households have been facing high food costs too. Add to that, the fact that new research suggests that kids cost an extra £1000 a week in the school holidays, the initiative couldn't have come at a better time. The offer is available all day from now until August 13, while stocks last.'s Money Editor Sarah Handley says: "School holidays are an expensive time for parents, with the need to keep kids entertained for weeks on end. When coupled with high food prices, it can be really difficult to make ends meet. 

"But initiatives like the Ask for Ellen campaign are incredibly valuable and can help parents kills two birds with one stone - getting the kids out and about for a treat, and food in their stomachs - for free."

Why is it called 'Ask for Ellen'?

The Ask for Ellen campaign is named after Warburtons founder Ellen Warburton, and is part of the bakery brand's ongoing commitment to tackling food poverty.

With many families struggling with rising food costs and soaring inflation, it's no surprise that 64% of parents are worried about the extra cost of having their kids home for the summer, according to new research by The Warburtons Foundation.

"Supporting our customers during the school holidays is incredibly important to us as we know that many families worry about catering for additional meals that are usually covered during the school term-time," says Chris Strong, Morrisons Café Buying Manager.

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, adds: “Whilst the summer holidays offer a chance for families to enjoy time together, we know that the reality can be very different.

"Being able to help families across the country is as important to us today as it was to Ellen Warburtons back in 1876.”

The Ask for Ellen campaign comes after the success of the Ask for Henry initiative, where Morrisons partnered with Heinz to give away a free jacket potato and beans in its cafes.

To enjoy your free crumpets with butter and jam, head down to your nearest Morrisons cafe. Click here to read the terms and conditions of this offer.

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