Tesco issues urgent warning about Clubcard points during this 'tough time of the year'

Time's running out!

Tesco's urgent warning about Clubcard points during this 'tough time of the year' revealed
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Tesco has issued a warning to customers to use their Clubcard points before the vouchers' fast-approaching expiry date. 

As the cost of living crisis continues to grip the UK, saving money on food has become a top priority for families across the nation. 

From shopping at the cheapest supermarket to using leftovers for dinner, people have found all sorts of ways to tighten their wallets this January. One trick that many budget-conscious folks swear is signing up for loyalty schemes, which typically reward customers with generous discounts and spendable points. 

Tesco's Clubcard is one of the most famous examples of these programs, having gained a massive 20 million users in the UK alone since it launched in 1995. The supermarket has now issued an urgent message about the scheme, advising shoppers to spend their unused points before they expire on February 28. You can use this simple trick to extend the life of your vouchers.


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Tash Whitmey, the Loyalty and Membership Director at Tesco, said, "We want to help customers’ household budgets stretch further right now and Clubcard is the best way to get great value with Tesco – from Clubcard Rewards to thousands of exclusive deals through Clubcard Prices.

"With more than £16m worth of Clubcard vouchers due to expire at the end of February, we’re reminding customers to spend them in what can be a tough time of year, as family budgets feel the new year strain." There's also this guide on how to reclaim up to two years of lost and unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers if you need some extra support. 

The easiest way to access your vouchers is to download the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app, where you will be able to manage your account and Clubcard. You can even check stock at your local stores to save you a wasted trip, which can come in especially helpful if you're trying to cut down on petrol expenditure. 

The Tesco Clubcard scheme rewards customers one point, which is valued at 1p, every time they spend £1 in-store and online. You need a minimum of 150 points to avail of the vouchers, however, which can then be spent in-store just like cash. 

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