Strawberry vase mania is back! Fruity homewares from The Range are going viral all over again - here's everything our Shopping Editor wants

9 berry-themed homeware buys we're bagging - yes, including that strawberry vase - from The Range before it's too late

The strawberry vase and eight other berry-themed buys on sale at The Range
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Remember that strawberry vase from The Range that was all the rage on TikTok? It's back...

There are rumours of blazing sunshine to come which doesn't just mean it's time to invest in the best outdoor toys - it also means strawberry season is around the corner! The Range is marking the moment with a selection of oh-so-sweet strawberry-inspired accessories to add a bit of summery fun to your home. Searches for ‘strawberry vase The Range’ are up by 450% in the last seven days, and ‘strawberry home décor’ searches are up by 70%, according to new data from Google Trends.

Shoppers are obsessed with the viral Strawberry Vase from The Range – a cute and fruity way to add some fun to your kitchen table or counter. But if the strawberry vase already has pride of place in your home, The Range has a whole host of other strawberry-themed décor buys that are bringing that juicy summer vibe. 

Whether you’re tapping into the cottage-core aesthetic, treating yourself to something in a bid to romanticise your life, or just brightening up the kids' school accessories with a burst of berries on a new pencil case to see them through the last few weeks of term, there are plenty of strawberry treats just waiting to be picked by you...


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The viral strawberry vase and homewares we want

If you're tired of the strawberry vase trend, you must be tired of life. How can anyone not love a receptacle for flowers, that's shaped like everyone's favourite juicy summer berry?! 

I can't lie - I popped the strawberry vase straight into my basket the moment I heard it was back in stock. It's already sold out in lots of stores but click and collect is an option if you're prepared to travel for your fruity treat. 

If not, the Summer Fruit Bud Vase (£16 at Anthropologie) is a cute alternative. And if the strawberry vase craze isn't really your thing, have a look at this Shell Vase (£12.50 at M&S) or check out the Lemon-shaped Stoneware Jar (£12.99 at H&M) and start your own fruit-motif trend. 

What's the viral strawberry motif décor trend about?

Fruity motifs have long been popular when it comes to home décor trends - and kids love them too! Whether it's a strawberry print on a pencil case, the season's must-have strawberry vase or even a Kilner jar in the shape of everyone's favourite berry, strawberries are one of this season's biggest homeware trends and the perfect print for adding a pop of colour and a burst of fun to your bedroom. kitchen or school bag.

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