Groom slammed for pulling ‘cringey’ prank during wedding ceremony

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  • Weddings are a lovely thing, with the bride and groom stood before each other ready to recite their vows. But one ceremony didn't quite follow that tradition.

    In a clip that was posted to Reddit, an officiant asked one hubby-to-be if he wanted to stand by his blushing bride’s side for the foreseeable. But he hesitated, then turned to his groomsmen for a last-minute discussion

    Shocked gasps echoed round the hall, but quickly turned to laughter as the bride started to giggle, while her soon-to-be hubby gathered his ushers into a huddle for a whispered debate about his choices. Not quite your traditional ceremony!

    Thankfully, the groom returned quickly, took the bride’s hands and replied, “Yeah, I do.”

    Even the officiant was stunned, telling the bride, “You know I had nothing to do with that.”

    groom slammed

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    Funny or cause for divorce? The clip proved divisive when it was shared to Reddit. While some women found it amusing, others wouldn’t have tolerated it at their wedding

    One said: ‘This is just the type of thing my husband would have done if he had thought of it, and his goofy sense of humor is one of the things I love about him most. And I’m a total ham, so while he was off huddling with his groomsmen, I would have been vamping it up to add to the entertainment!’

    Another amused onlooker added, ‘They are on a stage and everyone is laughing so I think it was planned and part of their or his sense of humor and part of why she loves him and given her reaction and the crowd reaction I think it’s cute. If it was out of left field it would be a different story.’

    But not everyone approved of the prank, with others slamming the groom for being ‘cringey’.

    One wrote, ‘It’s a bit cringey to me, tbh, but I guess some people just like this kind of humor. ‘

    Another agreed, ‘I thought it was super cringy too!! I’d absolutely hate something like that at my wedding.’

    And a third wrote, ‘I’d kill him. That is not funny. It’s embarrassing because it’s stupid and not funny.’

    But clearly this bride saw the funny side, as the two are now happily married. That’s what matters right?

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