Tzatziki potato salad recipe

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serves: 4
Skill: easy
Cost: cheap
Prep: 10 min
Cooking: 15 min
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  • If you like tzatziki dip make sure you try this tzatziki potato salad for a classic summer treat. Substitute out the traditional potato salad dressing of mayonnaise sauce for something with a little more kick. Potato salad can be high in fat but Tzatziki is much lighter and better for those trying to count calories, whilst still enjoying this crowd-pleasing BBQ dish. Tzatziki is a Greek dip made with yoghurt, lemon juice and cucumber. You can buy it ready made or make your own at home for even more calorie saving in your tzatziki potato salad.


    • 500g new potatoes
    • Tub of ready made Tzatziki or make your own with:
    • 300g Greek yogurt
    • Half a cucumber
    • 1/2 clove of garlic
    • 1/2 lemon (or lemon juice)
    • Fresh/dried mint or chives
    • Salt and pepper to season


    • Wash and half the new potatoes and cook in boiling water until tender but still firm – this should take about 15 mins. Drain the water and allow to cool. While the potatoes are cooling, you can make your Tzatziki (if making from scratch).

    • Thinly chop your garlic and finely grate or shred your cucumber. Stir them through the Greek yogurt to get an even consistency.

    • Add the juice from half a lemon (or use 1tbsp of lemon juice from a bottle) and season with salt, pepper and the mint/chives to taste.

    • Stir the sauce through the potatoes and serve with a fresh spring of mint or chives.

    Top tip for making Tzatziki potato salad

    You can stir any sauce through your potato salad to give it a new flavour. Pesto, sour cream and chive dip and guacamole would make tasty potato salads

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