Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer and Baby Bottle Dryer Review

Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer and Baby Bottle Dryer is large enough for bottles, dummies, teats, breastfeeding equipment, and more.

Babymoov Turbo Pure Steriliser and Baby Bottle Dryer
GoodtoKnow Verdict

For a sub-£50 bottle steriliser with useful features, the Babymoov Turbo Pure Steriliser and Baby Bottle Dryer does a great job. Its sleek modern frame sits neatly on the worktop and offers you a place to conveniently sterilise and dry all your baby equipment in under an hour.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Flexible interior

  • +

    Sterilises and dries

  • +

    Clever countdown timer

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    You need worktop space

  • -

    A little fiddly to get bottles in

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Katherine Robinson, mum to five-month-old Freya, put the Babymoov Turbo Pure Steriliser and Baby Bottle Dryer to the test.

We think it's the best bottle sterilizer you can buy. But is it the right one for you?

Contemporary in design, the Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer, and Baby Bottle Dryer has a BPA-free lid that covers an ample interior, which is large enough for bottles, dummies, teats, breastfeeding equipment, and more. As well as the ability to sterilize, this Babymoov design can also dry all your baby paraphernalia, which is an essential part of ensuring your baby stays away from germs and harmful bacteria that could cause them distress.

BabyMoov bottle steriliser


Sterilizing time: 8 minutes | Drying feature: Yes

While it isn’t the quickest performing device in our test, the Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer and Baby Bottle Dryer can sterilize bottles in just eight minutes and claims to rid up to 99 percent of bacteria. Our tester Katherine Robinson, who is mum to five-month-old Freya, found the design easy to use and liked its compact body. ‘I think this sterilizer is best suited to tall, slim bottles,' she says, 'and although it was a bit of a balancing act to try and get all the bottles to stay put, I like how much room you get inside the sterilizer. You can fit up to six at a time on the internal bottle fixture, which also has space above to hang dummies neatly.' Katherine liked the fact you can either stack the bottles on the frame or remove them entirely and free up the inside to place a variety of items inside. ‘Taking this insert out meant I could make room to sterilize other items such as weaning spoons, teats, jars, bowls, and breast pump attachments,' says Katherine. 'I can even use it to sterilize Freya’s toys inside as and when I need to.’

In terms of the overall design, Katherine was impressed by the easy-to-use controls and the fact that the sterilizer doesn’t take up too much room on the kitchen worktop. ‘It comes with a stylish navy base and LED control panel and looks quite modern in design and it is also not as boxy as some of the bottle sterilizers I’ve come across,’ she says. ‘The top part of the sterilizer is also see-through, which means it doesn’t feel too imposing on the worktop. I managed to fit its curvy base in the corner of the worktop and easily reach into it when I need to get something sterile. If I don’t take the lid off the sterilizer after a cycle, the items inside remain completely sterile for up to 24 hours too.’

Katherine found the internal fixture with 'steam arms' useful as they are spaced in a way that allows you to place and remove bottles and teats without the need to touch the inside of the bottles with your hands. These steam arms are designed to eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria, tackle unpleasant odours and destroy calcium build-up from milk. Once cleaned and the device put on the drying function, these same arms will help to dry the bottles with purified air and eliminate up to 99.5 percent of air pollutants with help from the HEPA filter. 'It’s worth bearing in mind that the HEPA filter will need replacing every six months, but a spare comes in the pack,’ says Katherine. ‘We live in a hard water area and limescale also builds up within a week, but I kept on top of that by giving it a quick wipe with a wet cloth. When you need to, it's also very straightforward to change the HEPA filter, which is located on the sterilizer base.’


Katherine was pleased with the ergonomic design of the Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer and Baby Bottle Dryer, which has a very easy-to-follow LED control panel. Preset functions limit the guesswork, with icons to highlight each feature. The control panel is intuitive, but if it’s not entirely clear how to navigate it on first look, you can refer to the comprehensive instruction booklet that comes in the box. It takes a speedy eight minutes to sterilize in the Babymoov Turbo Pure Steriliser and Baby Bottle Dryer. ‘It’s very straightforward to use,' says Katherine. 'You simply have to fill up the heating element with water and select the function – either sterilize only or sterilize and dry - choosing the length of the cycle, and press ok. I particularly like the countdown timer, which comes in useful when I'm feeling tired and in a hurry. ‘This timer feature works for all the settings including the longest cycle, which is up to 68 minutes and includes a drying process,’ she explains.

Having previously never tried a sterilizer with a drying feature, Katherine has since found the Babymoov’s dedicated Pure Drying function invaluable. ‘I used to have to wait for everything to dry naturally on a drip tray after sterilizing, but this speeds up the process and means I know exactly when Freya’s bottles will be ready to use and bone dry in under 60 minutes,' she says. 'They say drying a bottle is a very important part of the sterilizing process and this added layer gives me extra peace of mind knowing the bottles have been sterilized properly. The drying feature is really easy to use too and you simply select the cycle with a one-touch button. You can choose from dry only or sterilize and dry for either 38, 53 or 68 minutes depending on how many items you've included. I found that the 38-minute cycle worked well when the machine wasn't filled to capacity and the bottles dried very quickly. I can also run the sterilizing function separately to the drying function when I need something quickly.’

Value for money

The Babymoov Turbo Pure Sterilizer and Baby Bottle Dryer is average in price within our range of best bottle sterilizers for 2021. Not all the bottle sterilizers we have listed in our test offer a drying feature, but the Babymoov Turbo Pure Steriliser and Baby Bottle Dryer does and, sub £50, we think it is great value for money.

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