IKEA Jättetrött Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress Review

A simple and affordable pocket spring cot bed mattress that is really easy to clean
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    • Affordable
    • Removable cover
    • Firm and lightweight


    • Limited sizes

    Hollie Bond and her nine-month daughter Margot tried out the IKEA Jättetrött Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress. Here’s how they got on with it.

    The IKEA Jättetrött Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress is exactly what you’d expect from the Swedish brand – it’s simple, no-fuss and really functional. As well as being affordable, it’s good quality with pocket springs that our tester found were nice and supportive, and a machine-washable cover that’s a real bonus and makes life easier for busy parents. While there aren’t many fancy extras that you get on more sophisticated cot mattresses, you pay more for those, while the Jättetrött offers good quality at a reasonable price. For this reason, we’ve named it the Best Budget Buy in our Buying Guide.

    Ikea cot mattress

    Credit: Ikea

    Available sizes: 140 x 70 cm | Type: Pocket Sprung | Price: £99.00


    The first thing our tester Hollie noticed when the Jättetrött arrived was that it was fairly light compared to some mattresses but, despite that, it still felt very soft and excellent quality. She was concerned that, because her daughter doesn’t have an IKEA cot, it might not fit in her cot bed but this wasn’t the case and there were no gaps where Margot might put her hands down the side. ‘Margot generally isn’t a very good sleeper,’ said Hollie. ‘But she happily went down for her daytime naps straightaway on this mattress and, although she woke up at night, it wasn’t down to the comfort of the mattress.’

    This mattress is the perfect mix of firmness (to ensure babies don’t suffocate) and softness so they’re comfortable. ‘Because it has pocket springs it also felt nice and flexible, so it moves slightly depending on the position Margot got herself into,’ said Hollie. ‘Margot moves around the cot loads and flips from her front to her back a lot, so the pocket springs are a real plus point for me.’

    Comfort and features

    As well as the pocket springs, Hollie liked the machine-washable outer cover, which was really easy to take on and off (with a nice obvious dark grey zip) and had a layer underneath that was wipe clean. It’s a great feature and particularly good if you’re a clean-freak parent and love washing everything regularly or hate the idea of any dribble or baby sick etc staining the mattress. ‘I really liked the fact that the zip to undo the cover was also hidden under a little pouch of material too as Margot is one of those babies who will find anything small like a zip and play with it, but I felt safe that she couldn’t get her inquisitive little fingers on this one,’ she said.

    Value for money

    While it’s not the cheapest product on the market, as you can get products for less than £99, you get a lot for your money with the Jättetrött, which is why we’ve named it the Best Budget Cot Mattress. This is a good all-round mattress that works well for a lot of parents’ budgets.

    ‘It feels a lot better quality than I expected at this price point,’ said Hollie who would recommend it to parents who are on a budget but want a really functional and quality product, as well as those who love to keep their baby products clean with minimal effort.


    ‘At £99 it's a great price for a cot mattress yet it doesn't feel like a budget-buy at all.’