The Motorola PIP1010 Connect Review

We asked new mum Lynn to put the Motorola PIP to the test. What did she think?

The Motorola PIP 1010 Baby Monitor
(Image credit: Motorola)
GoodtoKnow Verdict

With a host of useful 'extras' and costing less than £100, the Motorola PIP1010 is an affordable Wi-Fi camera that allows you to monitor your baby from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sleek, stylish design that fits smallest of spaces

  • +

    In-built thermometer

  • +

    Highly sensitive

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    App isn't particularly user friendly

  • -

    No features to set it apart from other monitors

  • -

    HD video picture could be better quality

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Mum Lynn and baby Mia tested out the Motorola PIP1010 Baby Monitor

The Motorola PIP1010 will appeal to tech-savvy parents who know their way around a router but don't want to waste cash on a hi-tech baby gadget for the sake of it. If you like the idea of a smart baby monitor that sends sound and movement alerts to your phone or tablet - but which won't take hours to set up or get working - then this is definitely one of the best baby monitors you could buy. And you'll get change from £100!

It's affordably priced, stylishly designed, and packed with useful features that you'll actually use, such as pan, tilt, and zoom functionality so you can control the camera remotely for a good view of the nursery - even when you're at work or out for dinner!

It offers a decent range of up to 300m and we love the handy extras such as two-way talk functionality and infrared night vision. This means you can soothe your baby back to sleep from the comfort of your bed using just your voice, and then find your way to their cot even on the darkest of nights without needing to switch on a light. 

An image of the Motorola PIP 1010 Baby Monitor

(Image credit: Motorola)


Weighs: 110g | Batteries: Yes 

The Motorola PIP1010 Smart Baby Video Camera will appeal to you if you like the notion of a sleek-looking baby camera that won't break the bank or take up too much space. 

'The first thing I noticed about The Motorola PIP1010 Smart Baby Video Camera was how sleek it looked,' says our mum tester Lynn, who put it through its paces with her baby, Mia. 'That also means it can fit into the smallest of spaces so it's a good choice if you don't have lots of room for a bulky baby monitor in your little one's bedroom.

As it happens, the camera can also be wall-mounted to save even more space.

Comfort and features

Our tester liked that the Motorola PIP1010 Smart Baby Video Camera has an inbuilt option to tilt, pan, and zoom the camera, so you can easily get a full view of your baby's entire bedroom. 

'Not only is it easy to get a good view of my daughter and of her room, but this is also a very straightforward monitor to set up,' explains our parent tester. 'You simply scan a QR code and it connects to your WiFi. Once in place, the camera is very sensitive at picking up any movement at all - almost to the point of annoyance when I am in the house and just in a different room - but very useful when someone else is looking after my baby and I'm out of the house and checking in.'

This baby monitor has a thermometer feature so you can check the temperature of your baby's room - a feature our parent tester found very useful. 'During a spell of very warm weather, I liked being able to keep an eye on the temperature while my daughter was sleeping so I could easily ensure she was comfortable,' says Lynn. 'I also really like the two-way talk feature; it came in very handy when I was out of the house and Mia was with her grandma or dad as I can easily talk to them through the camera and see my daughter in real-time even though I'm not at home.'

Value for money

The Motorola PIP1010 Smart Baby Video Camera is an affordable model with plenty of useful features that delivery value for money. Our parent tester says she would recommend it. 'I have actually already recommended it to friends, especially if they are looking for a standard monitor that is simple to set and use and which doesn't take up much space,' says Lynn.

'This monitor doesn't boast any 'wow' features like sleep tracking or other analytics but then some high-end baby monitoring systems cost in excess of £300. This one absolutely does what it promises and for less than £100.'

Heidi Scrimgeour
Deputy Editor

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