The NaturalMat Quilted Spring Mat Cot Mattress Review

NaturalMat Cot Mattress
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‘The real gold standard? My daughter consistently slept for longer on this mattress than she ever has before.’

Reasons to buy
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    Environmentally friendly

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    High quality product

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    Made to measure

Reasons to avoid
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    Pricey but an investment buy

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    Colour might be off-putting

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Find out what Amelia Jean Jones and her 22-month-old daughter Olga thought of the NaturalMat Quilted Spring Cot Mattress, reviewed for our best cot mattresses buying guide.  

If you are looking for a cot mattress with green, eco-credentials, the NaturalMat Quilted Spring Mat is it. This is a handmade organic cot bed mattress that’s sustainable, biodegradable, naturally breathable and self-ventilating, allowing your baby to regulate their own body temperature. Even the packaging is eco-friendly - it's made from potato starch that can be added to compost or food waste after use.

This is a natural cot mattress so expect an off-white colour rather than anything bleached and gleaming. It’s made from lambswool and coconut fibre and these all-natural products make it a great option for babies prone to allergies. It might be expensive but you can’t beat this product for green credentials – plus it can be made to measure – so it's our pick of the best premium cot mattress you can buy.

The NaturalMat Quilted Spring Mat

Credit: NaturalMat

Available sizes: Several, including made-to-measure | Type: Coir | Price: £325


The first thing you notice about the NaturalMat Quilted Spring Mat is that it doesn’t look like other cot mattresses. 'The unbleached, off-white colour took me by surprise,' admitted our tester, Amelia. ‘It was actually reassuringly natural-looking and it struck me that it might be easier to care for than a bright-white option, though it hasn’t (yet!) been stained.’

It’s hand-made to order in Devon using wool from local farms, massively reducing its carbon footprint. There’s nothing artificial going on here and everything included can be reused or will biodegrade at the end of its life. ‘Being made from natural materials including organic lambswool and natural latex, coconut fibre (coir) and cotton, I’d be happy to lie my baby’s bare cheek on its breathable, hypoallergenic surface - something I can’t say for more ‘plastic’ mattresses we’ve used previously,’ admitted Amelia.

Despite coconut fibre being a key component, the NaturalMat Quilted Spring Mat mattress feels soft to the touch, thanks to its organic lambswool. In combination with the quilted surface and texture of the fabric it actually felt reassuringly expensive,’ said Amelia.

Comfort and features 

One of the huge advantages of this all-natural product is that it’s ideal for allergy-prone babies and their sensitive skin. 'My daughter hasn’t woken up with a rash and has had fewer red marks on her face while using it,' says Amelia. 'In addition, the cotton cover can be removed and washed at a hygienically high 60°C if there are any accidents or spills.'

As it contains latex, it’s naturally elastic and pressure-relieving and recovers its shape quickly. The organic coconut fibre padding, meanwhile, helps with support and breathability, allowing your baby to regulate their own temperature and stay asleep longer.

In fact, Amelia credits the mattress with improving her daughter’s sleep. ‘She slept until 8 am or later for a week (occasionally waking at 6 or 7 am and resettling herself) despite having a winter cold and cough.’

Value for money

Our tested loved this cot mattress and, even with its high price tag, would invest in it. 'As a mattress that will be used for a maximum of 3.5 years, £325 seems excessive, but can you put a price on doing your bit for the climate crisis?' The reason this mattress is so expensive is because of its natural materials and environmental credentials.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is pricey, and it would be hard to justify spending such a large amount on one single item if you had a limited budget. ‘Some of my friends with different budgets and ideologies may not see it as a worthwhile investment,’ admitted Amelia, but this mattress would suit a parent with a large budget, who wants to do their bit to protect the environment.

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