Nuna Triv Pushchair Review

We've tried and tested the Nuna Triv - a compact pushchair that converts to a travel system so you can attach an infant carrier car seat or a carrycot.

Nuna Triv pushchair review
GoodtoKnow Verdict

Most pushchair brands promise that their product will make your life easier. "The Nuna Triv actually delivers – it works hard to make everyday use incredibly easy," says Katie. "Adjusting to life with a new baby has its challenges, but using your pushchair shouldn't be one of them."

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Light to lift

  • +

    A full travel system

  • +

    All the features of a compact stroller

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Top-heavy design

  • -

    Harder to push uphill

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The Nuna Triv pushchair is a light and compact pushchair that converts to a travel system so you can attach an infant carrier car seat or a carrycot.

Our parent reviewer Katie Archer and her seven-month-old son, Rory, put the Nuna Triv to the test The Nuna Triv and think it's one of the best pushchairs you can buy.

The Nuna Triv Pushchair Review

Credit: Nuna

Nuna Triv

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 8.8kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg

It sometimes feels as though you can have one thing or the other when you're buying items of baby gear. You can choose a lightweight frame that's easy to push and carry, but it's not going to be as robust or versatile as a heavier model. With the Triv, there's no compromise. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of being both a traditional travel system and a lightweight, compact city stroller.

"The Triv is at the pricier end of the market for strollers, but with full travel system accessories available and a robust design, it feels like an investment that will carry you through many years of use," says Katie. "It not only looks fantastic, it really delivers on its promises of being compact and easy to fold one-handed. It feels like a sturdy, quality design, and although it's pricey, worth the investment as it covers all of your buggy needs."

If she was recommending it to a friend, Katie says the Triv would suit someone looking for a stylishly designed product with premium features but which will span the whole of their child's early years up until walking. "It's good for someone looking for a traditional travel system that includes matching car seat and carrycot, but with the modern design of a compact stroller. It is good for cities, but feels robust enough for bumpier terrain."


Weighs: 8.8kg | Suitable for: birth - to 22kg

When it comes to baby gear, you often have to choose form or functionality, but the Nuna Triv pushchair is that rare combination of being both seriously stylish and utterly practical. If you like the sleek, contemporary design then this pushchair will certainly appeal to you. But it's not just pleasing to look at – it also has a number of design features that make it a pleasure to use. It's easy to fold, even if you've only got one hand free, and it's free-standing when folded, so you can slide it neatly out of your way without fear of it falling over or springing open in the hallway.

The Nuna Triv pushchair has a ring adaptor which you secure to the frame to convert it from a pushchair to a travel system, to which you can attach a carrycot for younger babies or a car seat, to make life easier when you're moving your baby from the car to the pram and back again. You can fold the pushchair with the ring adaptor attached and also with the pushchair seat fixed in either position, meaning there's no need to fiddle around adjusting the frame before you can fold it. That's a real bonus because there are times when you just need to pop the pushchair in the car in a hurry.

There's also an extendable UPF 50+ canopy that's water repellant – useful in a sudden shower if you need a few minutes to locate the rain cover – plus it has a flip-out eyeshade and viewing window so you can easily keep an eye on your little one.

The handy storage pocket for your valuables means you don't always need to bring along your change bag, and the oversized storage basket makes a quick trip to the shops for nappies or groceries easy and hassle-free.

Comfort and features

It's easy to get carried away with design features when you're shopping for a pushchair, but the most important feature to consider is how comfortable it is for your little one. The Triv has spring suspension technology beneath the seat to ensure a smooth ride even over bumpy ground, as well as all-wheel suspension, rubber tyres, and front swivel wheels to help make it easy to manoeuvre on different types of terrain. It has an all-season seat to help keep your baby warm in winter, and this converts to a mesh seat for summer use. The reclinable seat and adjustable calf support offer real comfort for naps on the go, and the one-touch brake is easy to apply and release.

"Despite being light, the Nuna Triv pushchair feels much sturdier than other compact strollers thanks to great suspension and tough wheels, so it tackled potholes and uneven curbs with ease – even while Rory was asleep," says Katie.

"I could only find two very minor downsides to it – it sometimes became oddly heavy to push, especially if attempting to push with one hand or trying to bump it up and down curbs and steps, but that's possibly because I had the handlebar extended as high as it would go, making it a bit top-heavy. The frame of the back wheels is so narrow that I kept bumping my feet on them while walking. Other than that, despite being a slightly larger frame than other compact strollers, the Triv was easy to fold, store, and navigate busy streets."

"The seat is at a good height for being able to see Rory without having to stoop over to check on him, and the extendable handlebar makes it easy on my back, too. It's a great all-rounder and the price reflects it being at the premium end of the market. It looks great."

A smartly=dressed woman pushing the Nuna Triv, one of the best pushchairs from our buying guide

Credit: Nuna

Value for money

The Nuna Triv pushchair isn't a budget pushchair by any stretch of the imagination – you can tell it's a premium product the moment you take it out of the box because of the quality of the materials and the design details – and the price reflects that. But it's still good value for money. Yes, you could spend half this amount on a budget pushchair, but we don't think that would see your baby from birth to toddlerhood. By contrast, the Triv is a pushchair you can reasonably expect to use until your child outgrows it.

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