Silver Cross Truefit Superior Cot Mattress Review

Silver Cross cot mattress
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‘It's a good investment - the dual sides mean it'll last from newborn until your toddler moves on from the cot bed.’

Reasons to buy
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    Removable cover

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    Good fit

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    Not lightweight

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    Limited sizes

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Hollie Bond and her nine-month-old daughter Margot tested out the Silver Cross Truefit Cot Mattress. Read on to find out whether they gave it the thumbs up.    

The main standout feature of the Silver Cross Truefit Cot Mattress is its ‘dual care’ offer. It has two sides: one firmer, designed for newborns and those under 18 months, which nine-month Margot tested, and a softer side, created for toddlers. It’s called a ‘Truefit’ mattress because Silver Cross has designed it to perfectly fit a cot bed with square sides rather than rounded corners.

It also comes with a removable and machine washable cover, which has an 100% waterproof inner section, to help with accidents. ‘It's clear that this mattress is premium from the look and feel of it, the weight (it's not light!) and the branding,’ said Hollie.

Silver Cross cot mattress

Credit: Silver Cross
(Image credit: CRAIG TAYLOR)

Available sizes: 140 x 70 cm | Type: Pocket Sprung | Price: £149.00


Our tester Hollie was impressed by this mattress on first inspection. ‘Not that this really matters with a mattress, but it looks really nice,’ she said. ‘There's smart dark grey piping round the edge and you can see the fabrics are great quality.’

Unlike many cotbed mattresses, the Truefit has been cleverly designed to fit a cot 140 x 70 cm, no matter which brand, and Hollie found the promise of an excellent fit was fulfilled as the ‘mattress fitted really snugly into all the corners and the sides’. This is especially important if you have a wriggly baby (like Margot), who moves around the cot a lot at night. ‘I didn't have to worry about any spaces in the corners that she might put her hands in or lose her comforter down,’ admitted Hollie.

Comfort and features

One of the more unusual features of the Silver Cross Truefit mattress is that it has two sides with differing firmness. The first side is firmer, for babies up to 18 months and, when they reach this milestone, you then flip it over and use the softer side, designed for more mobile babies. ‘I really like this feature as you're meant to turn mattresses over anyway, so it'll remind me to do that when she's 18 months,’ said Hollie. ‘There is also a difference in how babies and toddlers like to sleep (with toddlers able to enjoy a softer base), so with this mattress I know that it'll last Margot a long time and I won't have to buy another mattress until she's much older and ready to move into a single bed.’ The side Margot tested felt soft, springy and very comfortable for a baby.

This mattress also comes with a removable, washable cover that has a 100% waterproof inner section, which Hollie wasn’t able to test as her daughter isn’t potty training yet. She did, however, like that this breathable mattress was hypoallergenic and that it has moisture-wicking qualities as ‘Margot often sleeps on her front and I do worry about the quality of the air she's breathing in from her mattress.’

Value for money

At £149, this is a relatively pricey mattress, but Hollie says it’s worth the money. ‘Silver Cross is a well-known premium brand, and this product definitely reflects the high quality I'm used to from them,’ she says. She also believes that the fact that it’s been designed with two sides for newborns and toddlers makes it good value for money and means you don’t have to buy another mattress until your child goes into a toddler bed.

She’d recommend it to someone who prioritises functionality, is on a bit of a budget and appreciates good quality products. ‘At £149 it's fairly expensive for a mattress, but worth it in my opinion,’ she says.

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