Zipadee Zips Zippy Swaddle Review

We asked new mom Merel Vlasveld and baby Friso to test out the Zippy Swaddle

Zippy Swaddle
(Image credit: Sleeping Baby)
GoodtoKnow Verdict

‘The zipper in the bottom is great as it allows for easy middle of the night diaper changes without having to unswaddle your baby.’

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Fast diaper changes

  • +


  • +

    100% cotton

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Less snug than other swaddles

  • -

    Poor stitching

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Size: two sizes, up to 18lb/25 inches | Fabric: 100% Cotton

Most babies continue to poop at night until their circadian rhythm kicks in at around six weeks. When facing multiple diaper changes late at night, the last thing you’ll want to do is struggle with complicated swaddles. This is the best swaddle for stress-free nighttime diaper changes.

The Zipadee-Zip Zippy Swaddle makes it a whole lot easier to change a diaper. With a large zip running across the base of the leg sack, you can reach your little one’s diaper in a matter of seconds. Depending on the pajamas your little one is wearing, you might even be able to manage a diaper change on a sleeping baby. 

Zippy Swaddle

Baby Isabel tries out the Zippy Swaddle.

(Image credit: Merel Vlasveld)


Designed by an exhausted mama who’d tried just about every swaddle going, the original Zipadee Zip by Sleeping Baby featured on Shark Tank. Judges were so impressed by the design that they invested $200,000 in the company. 

Although easy to use, the swaddle design isn’t the simplest we’ve seen. Wrapping babies up involves tucking them in a pouch and fastening two layers of Velcro, as well as repositioning little arms twice. 

Our tester Merel was impressed by the details on the ZIppy Swaddle: ‘I liked that the zipper glides very smoothly, and the velcro is not as loud as the panels on my regular swaddle – a definite plus if you try not to wake up the baby.’ 

However, she thinks the swaddle could have been a little more snug. At 15 lbs, Merel’s baby is in the middle of the larger sizes 12-18lb range. ‘The top part is not as tight as some of the other swaddles we've tried and the baby’s hands will be mostly free,’ she says. ‘So for real Houdini babies working their way out of every swaddle, I would recommend the Ollie or the Sleepsea over the Zipadee-Zip Zippy Swaddle.'

Comfort and features

Made from 100% cotton, the fabric is lightweight and breathable. ‘I like that it’s made from a natural fabric, especially with the weather getting warmer,’ says Merel. ‘But the downside is the material is doesn't swaddle as tightly as other swaddles I’ve tried. My baby wriggled one arm out of this during night sleep, although managed to stay snuggly in the Zippy for stroller naps.’ 

As much as she loved the ease of diaper changes in the Zippy, Merel found that the stitching wasn’t the quality she’d expect in a baby product. ‘The load-bearing seams that hold the white patches of velcro are not reinforced so I worry that they won’t hold up after intensive use,’ she says. ‘The cutting lines are also messy.’

Value for money

Bar the Carter’s Classic Swaddle, this is the cheapest swaddle we tested. At $21.95,  the Zippy Swaddle feels like a bargain, particularly when compared to pricier options around the $60 mark.  

With a two-pack costing just $37.95, you can stock up and avoid running out of fresh swaddles after a midnight accident. However, sizing means your baby may not be wearing the Zippy for too long, and with no transition option, they may not be as good value as they first appear. 

‘Price is a big plus for moms already spending all of their hard-earned money on all these baby must-haves,’ says Merel. ‘This is definitely the more economical choice, but I do think this shows in the quality of the stitching.’  

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