SnuzSurface Duo Cot Mattress Review

A cleverly-designed cot mattress with two different supports for babies and children of different ages
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    • Dual-Sided
    • Removable cover
    • Good Value


    • Not suitable for immediate use

    Charlotte Clarke and her 18-month daughter Adelaide tested the SnuzSurface Duo Cot Mattress for our Cot Mattress Buying Guide.

    The SnuzSurface Duo Cot Mattress’ key selling point is that you can use it in two ways to accommodate two different ages – up until four. ‘Adelaide’s small for her age but she slept much better on the softer, toddler side,’ says Charlotte. That’s because she can roll around a bit more to get comfortable.’

    It also comes with a washable cover that is made of a 3D, breathable mesh. That’s reassuring, especially for parents of younger babies. This can easily be zipped off (the zip is secured in a pouch away from little fingers) and popped in the washing machine. This is a mid-range mattress but Charlotte feels it has ‘premium’ qualities, thanks to its innovative design. Therefore, we rated this our Best Buy Cot Mattress.

    SnuzSurface Duo Cot Mattress

    Credit: Snuz

    Available sizes: 120 x 60 cms, 140 x 70 cms | Type: Pocket Sprung | Price: £139.00


    The SnuzSurface Duo Cot Mattress is big on innovation and design. It comes rolled up in a box. But once unrolled, you need to leave it for seven days before using it. ‘I’m an impatient person, so I found the fact that you have to leave it for a week a bit annoying, not to mention that it was cluttering up the house in the meantime,’ says our tester Charlotte. ‘It does look good though.’ The SnuzSurface has deep purple edges and a white mesh covering, so it’s much more stylish than a standard cot mattress.

    There are two parts to the mattress – a foam layer and a pocket-sprung base which you swap around as your baby grows. Initially the firmer, pocket sprung base goes under newborns. Then, between ages 1-3 years, you swap it over so the softer foam is under a toddler. The fact that you can adapt the mattress as your baby grows – and keep the same mattress till your child is four – is the one huge bonus of the SnuzSurface.

    Comfort and features

    Charlotte tested both mattress supports as Adelaide is on the small side. However, she slept much better on the toddler side. This confirms why it’s important to have different supports for different ages. ‘The foam mattress felt really comfortable, almost like memory foam,’ explains Charlotte. ‘I was quite jealous!’

    The mattress comes with a zipped, washable cover that is waterproof and has a breathable 3D cover. ‘The mesh cover is soft to touch and I felt confident she could breathe easily. That’s really important to me as she always sleeps face down,’ says Charlotte. ‘We didn’t have any accidents. But you need to invest in a separate mattress cover to completely protect the foam inner from damage.’

    Value for money

    ‘While not cheap, I was surprised at the price of this mattress considering how innovative it is,’ says Charlotte. ‘I was expecting it to be nearer £200.’ The SnuzSurface cot mattress comes in at an impressive £139.

    Due to the combination of washable cover, 3D breathable mesh covering, differing supports, and the fact that it lasts till the age of four, we’ve named this our Best Buy Cot Mattress. ‘I’d recommend this to parents who have a mid-range budget, who aren’t afraid of a bit of innovation, and who want a quality cot mattress that that is going to last,’ Charlotte adds.


    ‘A reasonably priced yet truly innovative cot mattress suitable up to age four.'