Why Princess Charlotte will soon take Prince George's place in the royal spotlight

Princess Charlotte and Prince George
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A royal commentator has suggested that Princess Charlotte will soon overtake her brother Prince George as a royal fashion icon.

As the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (opens in new tab), Princess Charlotte has often been in the spotlight.

Her outfit choices in particular have sparked great interest amongst royal (opens in new tab) fans. 

Royal children have often caused a stir in the fashion world. Parents head out to buy their own children the royals’ outfits, eager to follow the latest trends. This has been seen most obviously in recent years when Future King Prince George (opens in new tab) was born.

Many of the princes’ early outfits quickly sold out in shops after he’d been seen wearing them. 

This trend for snapping up royal pieces is expected to be all the more prominent as Princess Charlotte grows older. 

Former Daily Mirror royal correspondent Victoria Murphy has recently explained to ITV’s Susanna Reid exactly why this will be the case.

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When discussing the topic of royal fashion, she disclosed that people will likely be more interested in Princess Charlotte’s teenage styling than Prince George's.

Victoria went on to expand upon her point, "You've got the little boy thing, which is cute for a while, and then it's just going to get to the point where he's just wearing jeans”. 

She added, “I don't imagine anyone talking about a 16-year-old boy is wearing."

ITV presenter Susanna suggested that after Charlotte was born, the “financial value of a little girl as compared to a boy is being assessed all the time.”

In response, Victoria discussed the fashion-power Prince George has. She said, "People talk about clothes that George wears selling out, the little tank top that he wore in his Christmas pictures sold out instantly.”

Victoria then went on to reveal her belief that Charlotte growing older will mean an even bigger fashion boom. 

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“I think with a girl there's no doubt that we're going to see that tenfold," she told Susanna. "I mean no one talks about what William's wearing do they, but everyone talks about what Kate is wearing.” 

Speaking once more of Princess Charlotte, she said, “So I think that both now, and certainly as she gets older when she becomes a teenager, once she starts to do official engagements, people are gonna be really interested."