Prince Philip mocked one of the world's most iconic celebs for this 'ghastly' reason

Prince Philip and the Queen
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Prince Philip once mocked legendary singer-songwriter Sir Elton John at Windsor Castle for a 'ghastly' reason.

  • Prince Philip joked about the state of Sir Elton John's car without knowing the "ghastly" motor belonged to the legendary singer-songwriter.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh was complaining about an "idiot" driving around in a "ghastly" car when Elton confessed he was the driver.
  • This royal news comes as Prince George dubbed spitting image of close family member – but it’s not Prince William.

Prince Philip poked fun at Sir Elton John over the "ghastly" car he was driving around Windsor.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away aged 99, is remembered this week following a special memorial service celebrating his life and one story about the Duke's honest personality has been uncovered, and it dates back to the 70s.

Prince Philip had been introduced to Sir Elton in the late 70s and during their union, the pair were getting to know each other but when Prince Philip asked if Elton lived in Windsor he didn't expect the hilarious response he got.

Recalling the moment Prince Philip humiliated him, Sir Elton, who once revealed his sons get just £3 pocket money, writes in his 2019 autobiography called Me, "I didn’t realise how much attention it had attracted until I was introduced to Prince Philip.”

Elton recalled how Philip asked him about someone he's seen driving around town, he said, “‘Have you seen the bloody idiot who drives around that area in his ghastly car? It’s bright yellow with a ridiculous stripe on it. Do you know him?’”

To which the singer responded, “Yes, Your Highness. It’s actually me.”

Elton John

British singer-songwriter Elton John sitting in the back seat of a car, wearing a three-piece pinstripe suit with a fedora and sunglasses, United Kingdom, 12th March 1985. (Photo by Terry Disney/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Sir Elton went on to explain how the Duke "seemed quite pleased to have found the idiot in question" and gave him a piece of his mind.

"He said, "What the hell are you thinking? Ridiculous. Makes you look like a bloody fool. Get rid of it," shared the singer.

And if you're wondering which motor Philip was referring to, you can see the snap of the brightly coloured Aston Martin below in the tweet below...

Elton opened up about his passion for football and Watford Football Club, for whom he became chairman back in 1976 and at around that time, he bought an Aston Martin painted in Watford colours ‒ yellow, with a red and black stripe.

Famous for his iconic outfits as well as his hits, Sir Eton expressed himself through his cars too. He once owned an extensive fleet that included several Bentleys, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martins, and Ferraris. His wealth allowed him to indulge without restrictions. However, in 2001, he auctioned off many of his motors, claiming that he wanted other people to enjoy them.

At the time he decided to turn his garages in to art galleries as he planned to snap up more artworks. Sir Elton explains why he's selling some of his cars in the clip below...

Meanwhile, it's not known what happened to his yellow car, but one Twitter user claims it was "repainted in Salisbury Blue some years ago to be sold at a Christies auction, engine beefed up to 7 litres!"

The Twitter user, added, "I bought the auction catalogue and Elton had spent a fortune restoring it!"

Sir Elton John, Prince Philip mocked

AFF3NF ELTON JOHN in Holland in 1975 on his Captain Fantastic Tour

To this day, Sir Elton remains close with Princess Diana's two sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

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