Royal A Levels: How Prince William, Harry and Kate did in their exams

Study like a royal
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  • Prince William, Harry and Kate are just some of the royals who left college with A-Level results.

    And as thousands of teenagers collect their results on A-Level results day, we see how the Royal children compare – and which royal has no A-Level qualifications.

    Prince William left Eton College in 2000 and picked up his A-Level results and they were spread across the board. He got a A in Geography, B in Art and C in Biology.

    They enabled him to go on to higher education, studying History of Art degree at St. Andrews University in Scotland but he later switched courses to study Geography.

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    Before taking on his degree studying, he took a gap year to go travelling to Tanzania, Chile, Kenya and Botswana. He left uni with a graded 2:1 degree and also met his future wife Kate Middleton there.

    Prince William

    Kate, now Duchess of Cambridge, scored better than her husband in the classroom. She left St Andrew’s School in Pangbourne with 11 GCSE’s and went on to study for her A-Levels at Marlborough College in Wiltshire. She scored As in both Maths and Art and a B in English. Before starting at St Andrews, Kate too took a gap year and visited similar countries to William but it’s understood their dates didn’t overlap.

    Kate stuck out her History of Art degree course, unlike William, and graduated with a 2:1.

    Meanwhile William’s brother Prince Harry, didn’t do as well academically. He studied at Eton College from 1998 and got a B in art and a D in geography for his A-levels.

    But despite this he took key positions within the sports clubs for rugby, cricket and polo and was a member of the Combined Cadet Force.

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    His 2003 gap year took him to Australia, Africa and Argentina and instead of going to university he joined the Army.

    And sisters Beatrice and Eugenie made their parents proud when they left with A-levels – with Eugenie scoring the highest grades of the royals – an A in both art and English Literature and a B in History of Art, beating sister Beatrice who earned a A in Drama and B grades in History and Film Studies. Both sisters went on to get degrees – Beatrice studied History of Ideas and graduated with a 2:1 at Goldsmiths and Eugenie studied English Literature, History of Art and Politics at Newcastle and graduated with a 2:1.

    Queen doesn’t have any academic qualifications as she has never sat an exam in her life.