Prince William proud of Queen for getting Covid-19 vaccine as he urges all Brits to take the jab

The Queen
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Prince William has said he's 'very proud' of the Queen and Prince Philip for getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Prince William has been at the forefront of the pandemic helping health care services, but now he's shown his admiration for the Queen for getting her Covid-19 vaccine  
  • Buckingham Palace shared the royal news via social media that both the Queen and Prince Phillip had received the first dose of the vaccination.
  • This is to avoid members of the public knowing if Her Majesty had the Pfizer vaccine or the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine - preventing Brits from favouring one vaccine type. 

The Duke of Cambridge has shown his support for the Queen and Prince Phillip saying he's 'very proud' of his grandparents for getting their Covid-19 vaccinations.

It's no secret that the public has had concerns over the current vaccination rollout; therefore, Prince William was happy to hear that the royals were setting an excellent example for the public by avoiding 'vaccine hesitancy '.  

William was quick to congratulate Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh with a sweet message, "My grandparents have had the vaccine, and I am very proud of them for doing that. Everyone must get the vaccine when they are told to." 

Prince William continued to commend the NHS as he said, "Huge congratulations to all of you for playing your part in such a monumental moment, frankly, to roll out this vaccine.

"I think it's a hugely proud moment for the NHS and for the UK being able to achieve such a massive task." 

During the UK lockdowns, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continuously dedicated their support to the public with virtual engagements showing much-needed commendation for frontline workers. 

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