Will Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew remarry after decades apart?

Sarah Ferguson

‘He’ll always be my handsome prince,’ these are the famous words that Sarah Ferguson once uttered about her ex husband Prince Andrew.

And the sentiment clearly still rings true today, as royal commentator Jennie Bond has told Woman magazine, ‘Sarah would do anything for him, she would walk to the end of the earth and even purge herself.’

And with reports that the pair could be planning to tie the knot again after welcoming their first grandchild together, it seems clear that their relationship is better than ever…

Wedding bells?

According to US reports, Sarah Ferguson, 61, and Prince Andrew, 60 are considering remarrying in order to help Andrew with his legal problems, which have stemmed from his association with the late convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

Sources claim that under US law, being married would legally prevent Fergie from testifying about Andrew in the event that he’s charged.

But although there’s no doubting that Fergie is standing by her man, with whom she shares daughters Beatrice, 32 and Eugenie, 30, Jennie disagrees that they’ll tie the knot, insisting it would be a last resort.

‘I can’t think of any other reason they would want to do it, beyond this legal issue,’ she says. ‘They are in Fergie’s own words, the best divorced couple that exists.

‘I can't see enough advantages in them getting married, there are too many cons. It would bring a shower of analysis and family tensions. I don't think Andrew and Sarah need that and I certainly don't think the girls need that.’

Having said that, while they don’t need the watchful eyes of the world to know that they’re officially a couple, behind closed doors, Jennie reveals, ‘to all intents and purposes they are still married.’

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Passionately in love

Fergie has been living with Andrew and Royal Lodge for many years, and Jennie says, ‘I've no idea if they share a marital bed or pop along the corridor to hop in one other’s bed - I suspect they probably do. They always come back together.’

So while they were married for less than a decade, officially divorcing in 1996, but 35 years after saying ‘I do’, Fergie and Andrew are clearly still very much in love.

Jennie tells Woman, ‘She’s still besotted by him. Theirs was a really true, passionate love story. Much more than Charles and Diana ever was.’

She adds, ‘I think they are still passionately in love with one another. They have a friendship and a love affair.

'I doubt throughout the divorce they’ve been exclusive to one another, but I’ve also never seen any rumours of either of them with anyone else.’

No royal reunion

Prince Philip’s disapproval of Fergie has been well-known since the 90s, when cheating scandals rocked their marriage.

And to this day, the Duke of Edinburgh is still reluctant to be in the same place as Fergie and won’t even allow her to stay at Sandringham for their annual Christmas holiday.

‘[If they were to get married] Andrew would incur the severe displeasure of his father, who has struggled to even allow himself to be in the same room or cathedral as her,’ Jennie says.

So getting remarried certainly wouldn’t get Fergie back into the royal fold, but the Queen does have a ‘soft spot’ for Fergie, Jennie says.

‘The Queen enjoyed her company and I think she has found a sadness that they haven't been able to invite Fergie over the years to Sandringham, when instead she has sat in this strange isolation down the road at Wood Farm. I think the Queen would have bent, but Philip wasn’t having any of it.’

So could they go public with their romance when Prince Philip, who is currently in hospital, passes? ‘I don’t think Andrew will do anything publicly now,’ Jennie states.

‘He has been sacked, he’s not invited to anything that is formal and we don't even see in the private family photos anymore.’

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Family first

Beatrice and Eugenie have always, and will always, be Fergie and Andrew’s priority. ‘They are a very strong family unit, which has been very solid for the girls,’ Jennie observes.

‘They’ve always been there for them and given them a very secure upbringing all under the same house.’ 

Something else that will have brought the couple even closer is Eugenie’s baby boy, August Philip, who was born last month. ‘It’s beautiful and that will bond the family even closer together,’ Jennie concludes.

‘Maybe the girls would love to see their parents married, but they know what will come with it. They’ve worked out an unconventional system of being and it works well for them.’

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