Best skin care for menopausal skin: 6 creams to soothe itching and dryness

These creams have specially-designed formulas to help skin-sufferers during the menopause

a collage showing the best skin care products for menopausal skin including Nivea and Prai products
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Finding the best skin care for menopausal skin is vital given that the "change" is the biggest challenge our skin will face. Currently, there are around 15.5 million women in the UK who are either peri- or post-menopausal but many are unaware of the connection between hormonal fluctuations and menopause symptoms such as dryness, sensitivity and itching. In fact, research by No7 has found that 54% of women did not expect their skin to change during the menopause. 

“During the perimenopause, the transitionary period leading up to the menopause, your sex hormones decline significantly,” explains Dermatologist Dr Anita Sturnham, Meno Active expert and brand ambassador. “In particular, oestrogen levels fall. This hormone helps to switch on healthy collagen production, and is also needed for skin hydration as it helps to make ceramides, the lipids that are responsible for helping our skin to retain moisture. As hormone levels decline,” she continues, “skin is prone to thinning (atrophy) and dryness all over the body, which can also lead to itching and sensitivity.” Couple this with fewer natural oils and it’s no wonder skin can look dry, dull and tired.

Whether you’re in the early menopause, or post-menopausal, the good news is with the best skin care for menopausal skin, you can put back in what the menopause takes out. From gentle cleansers and super serums to the best moisturisers for skinthat promise to quench dryness, these treatments will calm and soothe. 

What to consider when looking for the best skincare for menopausal skin

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  • Star rating: Our in-house star-rating system is based on peer reviews. They’ve tried and tested the skin creams and awarded stars based on factors such as product quality, ease of use, customer feedback, awards and value for money. Products that have received a 5 star status are rare and considered exceptional, going above and beyond our reviewer’s expectations.
  • Active ingredients: The best skin care for menopausal skin should contain active ingredients that help to boost moisture levels in the skin, such as ceramides, which help to strengthen the lipid barrier and lock in hydration. Hyaluronic acid is another excellent moisturising ingredient, with the ability to attract up to a thousand times its weight in water. 
  • Cruelty-free: More and more beauty brands have realised that testing on animals is not a humane or sustainable practice. We’re keen to select products from brands that follow this ethos.
  • Packaging: Skin creams usually come in tubs so you can scoop out just the right amount for the area you need. It also means you can ensure every last drop of cream is used, as opposed to squeeze bottles that always retain some product. If we have included squeeze bottles, it’s because the formula justifies the inclusion, and the packaging is widely recyclable. Because of course, sustainability is a serious concern - we'll always strive to include products that are at least in part recyclable. 

Best skin care for menopausal skin: 6 creams to soothe itching and dryness

Indeed Labs Me-No-Pause Restorative Cream

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1. Indeed Labs Me-No-Pause Restorative Cream

Best overall


RRP: $24.99/£24.99
Active ingredients: Niacinamide, Allantoin, Phytoestrogen extracts
Cruelty-free: Yes
Packaging: Tube, cap and outer cardboard box are fully recyclable

Reasons to buy

Reasonably priced
Relieves itching

Reasons to avoid

None, we love this!

“To help with the reduction of oestrogen and tackle dryness, look for skincare containing phytoestrogens – small molecules similar to oestrogen, but derived from plants,” suggests Dr Charlotte Woodward of River Aesthetics. “They increase the production of elastin, helping the skin to look plump and healthy, without the look of sagging or loss of tone.”  

Research into phytoestrogens and their efficacy in treating menopause symptoms is fairly new ground. However, a 2014 review article does suggest that phytoestrogens may provide some similar benefits to HRT, but with fewer or less severe side effects. Applied topically, phytoestrogens help jumpstart the skin’s natural processes to restore hydration levels, boost elasticity and stimulate collagen production. 

This day and night cream brings immediate comfort to dehydrated skin, with soothing allantoin that helps to relieve itching. It’s got those crucial phytoestrogens (a mixture of seven different plant extracts) to help balance hormone levels in the skin and minimise signs of ageing, plus nourishing natural extracts like shea butter and avocado oil to hydrate tight, flaky skin. It will soothe the driest of complexions, whether you’re peri- or post-menopausal. This is a real suits-all, all-round hero moisturiser. 

Prai x M&S MenoGlow Super Hydrating Sleep Creme

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2. Prai MenoGlow Super Hydrating Sleep Creme

Best for dryness


RRP: $32.74/£29
Active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, M Complex (blend of tripeptides with Cloudberry Seed Oil, Centella Asiatica and Syn®-Coll)
Cruelty-free: Yes
Packaging: Glass jar and outer cardboard packaging are fully recyclable

Reasons to buy

A little goes a long way
Soothes itching
Luxurious texture

Reasons to avoid

Contains fragrance

“Oestrogen is crucial for the skin’s structure and when it declines, hyaluronic acid also decreases, which is key for hydration,” explains Katy Eccles, PRAI Beauty’s Education Director. Couple this with the overnight moisture loss exacerbated by night sweats, and you’re likely to experience dry, tight, uncomfortable-feeling skin. “Skin can sometimes appear oily on the surface, yet in fact is very dehydrated underneath as a result of the hormonal changes. Therefore in peri-menopause and menopause, it’s important for women to use a product in their regime that contains hyaluronic acid to help re-hydrate their skin.” 

This menopause-targetted night cream has a light, silky texture that feels cooling and calming on itchy, hot-feeling skin. The formula contains Hyaluronic acid to infuse moisture, ease tightness and pad out lines as you sleep. It’s also powered by something called ‘M Complex’, made up of three ingredients that help to boost the skin’s collagen production, calm redness and brighten the complexion. No wonder it’s racked up so many 5* reviews. As one customer said, “Absolutely love this face cream, the texture is amazing. My skin has become dry recently and I’ve definitely seen a difference. This range is an absolute must if going through the menopause.”

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

(Image credit: CeraVe)

3. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

Best gentle cleanser


RRP: $15.99/£10
Active ingredients: Ceramides (1, 3, 6-II), Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin
Cruelty-free: No
Packaging: Bottle is recyclable, pump is not recyclable