Say goodbye to bad hair days this summer with the Laifen Swift dryer – a third cheaper than the Dyson Supersonic

a woman using the Laifen Swift hair dryer to blow her hair dry
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The Laifen Swift blow dryer promises power, performance, compact size, and perfect hairstyling during the summer vacations.

When it comes to your locks and blow dry needs, it pays to invest in the best. Something robust and reliable is required for the everyday, but for those special occasions and holidays away you'll need a dryer that goes that extra mile. Because who doesn't crave a flawless do to match their fabulous summer style?

Enter Laifen, a pioneering hair dryer brand founded in 2019, who have poured its innovative technology and expertise into a new wonder hair care product. Beating the cult Dyson Supersonic on a number of features – including speed, design, and price – the Swift is the perfect accessory to accompany you and your hair abroad.

Faster drying

Laifen leads the field in performance with a powerful 110,000rpm brushless motor that significantly reduces hair-drying time. Be it long, short, straight, or curly hair, the Swift promises perfectly dried hair in up to 3-5 minutes. So you can spend less time inside sweating and more time out and about - soaking up the sun.

Designed to last, the motor additionally boasts a life cycle of 1,000 hours – which equates to approximately 15 years at a 10 mins per day usage. That’s four times the expected lifespan of your average blow dryer.

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The power pros don’t stop there, with the slick Swift model also having a 22m/s airflow to efficiently and safely dry hair. This is notably faster than the Dyson Supersonic, making it a necessary investment to your summer hair care regime.

Lightweight design

Compact and easy to carry, the Laifen Swift hair dryer is great for popping in small suitcases and weekend holdalls, where space is limited. It weighs just 407g – that’s over 150 grams lighter than the Dyson Supersonic. It’s also 60% slimmer than your average dryer, meaning your hand won’t start to ache whilst styling.

There are no short cords to worry about either, with the Swift’s 5.9ft length giving you plenty of space to roam around whilst drying. This, plus the ergonomically designed handle, makes it perfect for professional hairstylists and those who use dryers for long periods of time.

As for aesthetics, there are four colours available – Matt Black, Pearl White, Ruby Red, and Silver Blue. Great for those seeking a dryer in a stylish shade.

Styling without the sound

Thanks to Laifen’s first class technology, the Swift is officially the world’s quietest hair dryer. Noise is limited to 59dB at the highest power – rivalling Dyson’s 62dB record and the 90dB of more traditional hair dryers. What’s more, the electric magnetic noise frequency is set to above 20kHz, which is away from human-hearing range. This means you can blow dry without bothering your partner, pet or sleeping child.

High-tech heat settings

A dryer that understands heat. The Swift has three clever heat settings to suit your needs: Cold, Warm, and Fast. The tri-color LED ring on the outside of the dryer lights up to show you what mode you’re using. 

  • Blue is for cold air, perfect for natural drying.
  • Yellow is your go-to for regular drying, producing warm air of 50°C.
  • Red is for fast drying and styling, giving you a blast of 80°C hot air.

You’ll find the blue setting is ideal for hair styling in the heat - drying your hair in hot weather without warming you up in the process. 

Blow-dry brilliance

Expect sleeker, healthier hair with the Swift. The hairdryer directs 200 million negative ions per cubic centimetre at your hair, helping to protect, restore and revive those post-summer swim locks. These negative ions work to break down water molecules fast, which in turn seals and flattens hair cuticles. This means an end to static, frizz, and annoying flyaways. Genius! 

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Safety prioritised

The Laifen Swift dryer features a magnetic, double-layer air filter on the handle. This added piece of protection prevents hair and dust from getting sucked into the hairdryer’s motor. Ultimately avoiding a painful and hazardous hair nightmare nobody should have to experience.

The fire-resistant frame and temperature sensor also work against overheating and subsequent hair damage. It’s thoughtful features like these that make the Swift worth the money and more.

a comparison table showing the features of Laifen Swift and Dyson hairdryers

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Added extras

Each Swift blow dryer comes with a complimentary diffuser, which, when attached, helps to spread the airstream in an even and controlled way. A must-have accessory for those with wavy or curly hair, this added extra helps to maintain an individual’s natural curl pattern.

Gadgets aside, all Laifen Swift hair dryers come with a 2-year limited warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. This is in addition to the 30 days return policy for shoppers to send back and exchange if not 100% happy.

Transform your everyday hair routine with the Laifen Swift hairdryer available on Amazon or the brand site. 

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