Best and worst cheeses for your diet: The healthiest cheese on the shelves

Can you have healthy cheese?
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  • We're a nation of cheese lovers, but do you know which is the healthiest cheese? We rate cheese calories from worst to best, so you know which to top your crackers with! Thought that healthy cheese didn't exist? Think again!

    We’re a sucker for cheese – there are so many different mouth-watering varieties, and it’s difficult to think of a meal where a bit of added cheese wouldn’t make it even tastier. But do you know which is the healthiest cheese? We think you might be surprised…

    Unfortunately, ladies and gents, we’re not about to reveal that all cheeses are in fact much healthier than you thought and that you can tuck into a thick slice of cheddar anytime you like (although there is some research suggests that a little bit of cheese can be good for you).

    However, we’ve been doing some healthy cheese investigating and had a look at all our favourite types of cheese to see how they fare in the health stakes.While cheese generally is pretty high in fat, we’ve been following our nose to sniff out all the lightest versions of your favourite cheeses that the market has to offer.

    If you’re a lover of baked Camembert (and realistically, who isn’t?), you’re in luck! We’ve found a low-cal version that has almost half the amount of fat of your regular Camembert – and it’s not even the healthiest cheese in our round up!

    So how can you find a healthy cheese, and how do you know which make is the healthiest cheese option? If you’ve always wondered how many calories you’re stacking onto your Jacob’s crackers, take a look through our run down of the best and worst cheeses.

    From Stilton to Cheddar, Parmesan to Philadelphia, and whether you’re stuffing them into a tasty toastie or topping a jacket spud, we’ve covered them all so that you’ll know when you’re getting a healthy cheese (until, if you’re anything like us, you eat far too much of it. Oops).

    We’ve rated these cheeses by calorie content per 100g, to make the results fair, and we’ve also collated the fat content, sugar, salt and even the price to boot.

    Browse through the collection to see the range of healthy cheeses on offer… you won’t believe which is the healthiest cheese!