Low calorie snacks under 50 and 100 calories

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  • When you're looking for low calorie snacks in the supermarket, wouldn't it be handy to know which options won't ruin your diet? We've rounded up dozens of low calorie snacks that you'll actually want to eat!

    Low calorie snacks are perfect for beating the cravings if you’re on a diet. If you’re trying to stick to a food plan, then you will know how much of a saviour low calorie snacks can be. Not only can you walk into the supermarket and buy low calorie snacks you know aren’t going to ruin your diet, but you can easily add them into your own diet plan and snack away throughout the day without feeling guilty.

    And don’t let the idea of a low calorie snack put you off. There are a whole host of diet-friendly snack options you wouldn’t even think could be less than 100 calories. We’ve even worked out how many of your favourite treats you can eat to reach your 100 calorie snack limit (you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out how many scoops of ice cream you can tuck into!).

    If you’re dieting and already feel like your meals aren’t big enough, the temptation to snack can be huge but that doesn’t have to mean ruining all your hard work. There are plenty of low calorie snacks you CAN eat between meals without piling on the pounds or undoing any of the good work you’ve already done by keeping an eye on your main meals.

    We’ve got over 80  low-calorie snacks for you to enjoy guilt-free and all of them tell you how many calories they are, so if you’re on a calorie-controlled diet you can still keep track.