11 of the best shaving hacks for women

So it turns out we've been shaving our legs all wrong...

We're pretty sure no one actually enjoys shaving their legs, but what if there were a few ingenious hacks that could make it at least slightly less of a hassle?

Hands up if you wish you'd never have to shave again in your life? Us too. And while we could easily do without the extra time it takes and never shave again, we also love to see our pins hair-free.

But how can we make every woman's least favourite beauty ritual as (literally) smooth as it can be? Turns out both real life experts and the Internet have lots of advice on the subject, and we've compiled the best hacks for all your shaving needs.

You can thank us later...

1. Always shave the night before

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According to beauty experts, the best time to shave your legs is actually at night, before you go to sleep. The reason behind this is that apparently your legs swell slightly while you sleep, forcing your hair to withdraw back into its follicles. The retreat means that hair you may not have caught in your shave is not there in the morning. Magic!

2. Prime the area with olive oil (yes, really!)

Some shaving experts on the Internet swear by this. The oil will soften hair and make the shave a lot smoother, and it also cushions the areas, resulting in less irritation and fewer micro tears. More sensitive areas like your underarms will love you for it!

3. Avoid a dry shave like the plague

You probably know this from experience by now but it's never said enough - dry shaving is terrible for your skin. Always use some kind of shaving cream to help your skin cope with the fact that it has a sharp razor gliding along it. Or, if shaving cream is too pricey, you could...

4. Replace shaving cream for hair conditioner

If you find yourself without any shaving cream (or just don't fancy forking out for special 'ladies' shaving foam) there's still no excuse - try using your hair conditioner as a substitute. It works just as well and leaves your skin baby soft and smelling lovely.

5. Shave after you shower

As well as shaving at night (see point one), try to always shave at the end of your shower. The warm water (we're presuming you don't shower with cold water, because you're not an ice maiden) expands pores so the hair follicles are closest to the surface of your skin, and makes shaving a lot easier.

6. Always start at the bottom

For the sake of shaving efficiency, always shave against the growth of hair. So start from the bottom of your leg and make your way to the top, using short strokes to avoid those pesky nicks.

7. Bend those knees

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The knee area can be tricky, but the best way to make sure you get everything is to bend you knees for a close shave. Take a seat in your bathtub for the tricky areas, it'll make life a lot easier!

8. Exfoliate before shaving

Giving your skin a nice scrub will remove the top layer of dead skin cells, which give you a much cleaner slate to start your shave. Exfoliating after a shave is not the best idea as the skin is already quite sensitive, and scrubing it could cause even more irritation. For a homemade solution, mix olive oil with sugar and apply in circular motions.

9. Don't dry off completely

It's habit to towel off until your skin is totally dry, but Venus' beauty ambassador, Nathalie Eleni, told the Daily Mail, 'Don’t rub skin harshly and don’t dry off completely. The extra water on your body will be sealed in as you apply moisturiser, helping to eliminate dry, flaky skin, especially on freshly shaved legs so you can achieve a healthy goddess glow.' Who knew?

10. Clean your razor with baby oil

Who knew? Baby oil, the ultimate multiuse product, is useful for yet another thing. Cleaning your razor with baby oil and giving it a gentle wipe with a cloth will make it last longer - never a bad thing, when they cost as much as they do...

11. Use cold compresses for discomfort.

If, after all of this effort, your shave still doesn't go as planned and you find yourself experiencing discomfort, apply a cold compress to soothe the area and stop your skin from flaring up.


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