Best Sleep Apps

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4... It's time to stop couting sheep and check out our favourite sleep apps - they really work!

Best Sleep Apps

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4... It's time to stop couting sheep and check out our favourite sleep apps - they really work!

Whether you're struggling to get your 40 winks every night or simply want to see how much quality shut eye you're having, there'll be an app for it.

You love sleep, we love sleep, we all love sleep! With a massive increase in sleep apps we decided to round up our favourites - from the sleep monitors and dream inventors to sleep-inducers and alarm clocks.

So stop counting those sheep to cure your sleep problems, and get, erm, listening to your phone?

Sleep Talk Recorder

Do you talk in your sleep? Ever wondered exactly what you say? The Sleep Talk Recorder does exactly what it says on the tin - records the sounds you make while you sleep.

With a filtering function, the recorder only starts when you make a noise so you won't wake up to a long, silent recording. It will also put your noises onto a timeline and you can post the funny snippets on Facebook to share with your friends.

Cost: 79p

Download at: itunes

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Best Sleep Apps

If slowing down and shutting off is your biggest hurdle when trying to get to sleep, Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson could be the way forward. As an expert in stress and relaxation, Andrew Johnson guides you through mediation to help clear you mind and relax you into a deep, blissful sleep. Simply put in your headphones, lie back and relax.

This one gets the seal of approval from our Wellbeing assistant, who swears by it!

Cost: £1.89 - £2.29

Download at: itunes or on Android

Sleepy Traveller

Best Sleep Apps

Missing your stop because you fell asleep on the train or bus could be a thing of the past thanks to the Sleepy Traveller app. Using your phone's GPS, the app can detect when you are approaching your stop or destination and will sound an alarm to wake you up. It is perfect if you want to enjoy a quick snooze on the way home!

Cost: FREE

Download at: itunes


Best Sleep Apps

With four dream SoundScapes, a sleep monitor with dream graphs and a dream diary, Dream:ON has everything you need for sweet dreams every night. Before you go to bed you select your SoundScape and once the app senses that you are dreaming it plays the track to help create your chosen dream. Don't worry though, the noise won't wake you up as the app monitors your movement and adjusts the volume.

Dream:ON also comes complete with an alarm clock too, so you won't over sleep!

Cost: FREE

Download at: itunes

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature sounds relax and sleep app

(Image credit: Nature sounds relax and sleep app)

You know that wonderful music that they play at the spa that makes you feel like you're in some warm woodland or floating under a cascading waterfall? Well this little app will recreate that exact feeling, by playing you the most relaxing sounds that nature has to offer.

Cost: FREE Download for Android.

Sleep Cycle

Best Sleep Apps

In an ideal world most of us would love to wake up when our body naturally wants to. Not only do you feel more relaxed and rested, but there's no jolted shock of the alarm clock buzzing. By analysing your sleep patterns the Sleep Cycle app wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase.

All you need to do is set your alarm and place your phone on the bed and Sleep Cycle does all the work for you. Tracking your movements as you sleep, the app will find the best time to wake you up during the 30-minute window you've selected.

In the morning you can see at what times you were in your deepest and lightest sleep - it is genius!

Cost: FREE

Download at: itunes

Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold

Relax and sleep well app

(Image credit: Relax and sleep well app)

With over 20 years experience, (and a whole host of celebrity clients, don't you know), Glenn here sure knows a thing or two about sleep. His app offers a 27-minute hypnotherapy session, which works using Glenn's soothing voice and relaxing sound affects to soothe you off into dreamland.

Cost: FREE Download it on iPhone or Android.

Sleepmaker Rain

Best Sleep Apps

Ok, so this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you find the sound of rain or thunderstorms soothing and relaxing Sleepmaker Rain might be right up your street. As you would expect the app offers different rainfall soundtracks with visuals too.

With three different forces of rainfall including gentle, medium and rain you can drift off to the sound of gentle rain with distant thunder or a even torrential downpour.

It is also worth noting that waves, wildlife and stream soundtracks are also available to download.

Cost: FREE

Download at: itunes

Yoga for Insomnia

Yoga for insomnia app

(Image credit: Yoga for insomnia app)

This is the one for those who feel that they've tried literally everything. You may not have considered exercise before bed as a solution to your problems, but this little app has proved istelf very successful.

The app offers calming, relaxing yoga poses and controlled breathing techniques that'll relax your entire body and make you feel ready for bed.

Cost: £1.91 - £2.00

Download atiPhone or Android.

Alarm Clock - YourTunes..!

Best Sleep Apps

Bored of the same old alarm noise? Wake up to your favourite music with this app. While it might be simple, it is a genius idea! With the option of 12 or 24 hour clock formats, a snooze setting and vibrate, the app provides everything a standard phone alarm would, but with the unique option of choosing the sound from your own music.

Cost: 69p

Download at: itunes

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