Get rid of cellulite on your thighs with these easy exercises

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  • Cellulite, we don't like you very much.

    Utterly pointless and quite unsightly, it seems unfair that we have to deal with the appearance of lumpy, orange-peel skin in our lives. Banishing it forever might seem like a mammoth task, but with these easy exercise ideas we have presented you with quick ways to get rid of cellulite.

    There’s an array of natural remedies for cellulite that can make a big difference to the appearance of your skin, but we can’t help but think that fighting it off with some good old-fashioned exercise is just as effective!

    What is cellulite?

    The dimples and lumps you can see when fat is divided into tiny pockets in the skin. It’s more common in women than men and forms in the areas of the body with the least circulation, meaning that without activity, it’s very hard to budge.

    How can exercise get rid of cellulite?

    Although having more body fat can increase the likelihood of having cellulite, losing weight doesn’t make cellulite disappear.

    Genes, inflammation and hormonal imbalances can all contribute to cellulite.

    According to Dermatologist Dr Ariel Haus, exercise is a great way to lessen the appearance of cellulite because you are ‘increasing blood circulation and loosening the fat tissues from those hard to budge areas.’

    Exercises to help you get rid of cellulite:

    Aerobics will help you to burn fat and excess calories. When you burn fat, you’ll be getting rid of cellulite. As a rule of thumb, the harder you work during a session, the better results you’ll get in less time.

    Brisk walking

    Anything that gets your heart rate going is going to help when it comes to helping you get rid of cellulite.

    Brisk walking is great because it means less impact on your joints than running, and you can get some fresh air in the meantime!

    Start by walking for at least 20 minutes three times a week, and then gradually increase this.

    Get rid of cellulite

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    Although running may not be the most appealing idea initially, it’s worth considering as you can do it anywhere, it’s free and it targets the muscles of the lower body, where cellulite is abundant.

    This would be great to move onto after starting with the brisk walking, moving up to a jog.

    You could also try interval training – said to be a great way to burn fat – by walking for 20 minutes, running for 10, and so on.


    Swimming is one of the best ways to get fit because it’s so kind on your joints and works out so much of your body all at once.

    If you can’t run for any reason, you can always venture to the swimming pool for your fat-busting sessions – but remember that intensity is key, so no leisurely breaststroke!

    If necessary, have some lessons to ensure that your stroke is up to scratch and that you’re working the correct muscles.

    Holding a float and kicking your legs is a good way to target cellulite-prone areas. Maximise the workout by squeezing your buttocks as you kick.

    Get rid of cellulite

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    Weight training

    Any other kind of resistance is important when trying to get rid of cellulite.

    Not only will toned muscles improve the appearance of cellulite, you’ll also increase your body’s proportion of lean muscle mass.

    This means that you’ll have less fat tissue overall and, even better, muscle tissue burns up to nine times more calories than fat!

    Squats and lunges

    Two key moves to sculpt that lower body are squats and lunges.

    Aim to complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise every other day.

    At first you should do the exercises straight but, as you get stronger, you should add some weight.

    Start with tins of beans and, when you’re ready, progress to bags of flour or bottles of water.


    • From a standing position, take a big step forward with your right leg so that your feet are a good stride apart. Slowly lower yourself down to the floor keeping your upper body as still as possible.
    • When you are close to the floor, but not so close that your front knee is coming over your toes, slowly push back up again and squeeze your buttocks to prevent yourself from wobbling.
    • Repeat from your start position and change sides at the end of each set.
    Get rid of cellulite

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    • Stand tall and position your feet hip-width apart.
    • Slowly lower down to the floor in a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor, or until your knees start to come over your toes – try to keep your tummy pulled in to protect your lower back.
    • Return to standing and repeat.
    Get rid of cellulite

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