Homemade takeaways: Tastier and better for you!

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  • We're all about homemade food, not just from the healthy point of view but the thought of trying something new and experimenting in the kitchen too...

    If you fancy ditching the takeaway and trying something new, swap your Friday night or Saturday night feast for homemade takeaways instead.

    We know that having a takeaway can sometimes go from being a treat to being a bad habit, some of the food is just so delicious. But when you’re having a takeaway craving, you don’t need to always reach for the menu and the phone.

    With homemade food  you know exactly what you’re getting as you’re putting in the ingredients, so no nasty surprises when you dicover just how much salt content is actually in that cheeky takeaway.

    Homemade food just tastes so much better than shop bought – and you can have loads of fun in the kitchen celebrating new and different ways of cooking.

    You can make all of the recipes below with a little help from the kids and hubby too. It’s the perfect family activity to get the family working together as a team.

    Take a look at some homemade takeaways below…