Former Hollyoaks star Davinia Taylor reveals incredible body transformation

Davinia Taylor shared a dramatic before-and-after picture on Instagram.

Davinia is known for posting health tips, exercise photos and inspiring messages on social media, but one of her most recent shares hit headlines as the star showed just how far she’s come on her fitness journey.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old actress, who played Jude Cunningham in Hollyoaks from 1996 to 1998, uploaded a before-and-after pic to social media highlighting just how much weight she’s lost as she compared her currently toned physique to her former larger figure.

Davinia, who is daughter of toilet-roll tycoon Alan Murphy, told her followers: ‘Was just going through old pictures of the kids when I came across this little gem!!

‘Taken when I was oblivious to the impact food had on my body. Not only fatter but huge water retention and inflammation.

‘I had no idea about gut health or how to use my genetics or using weights to sculpt and slim down…I figured I’d get bigger!!!!!!.

‘I thought (decided) I couldn’t run due to one bad cross country experience in fourth year!!!!! Anyway thought I’d share as I love a before and after!!’

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Detailing how she lost the weight over the years, Davinia wrote in the comments that it took her ‘about 2 ½ years’ but she got in shape ‘in 5 months from that before size down to an 8.’

She said that she ‘took out as much food in a packet. It’s all contained sugar and gluten!!!’ before adding: ‘I started slow long runs. 5km over an hour listening to music and podcasts about gut health.

‘I did a poo test and found I had Candida overgrowth so I had to cut sugar as it caused cravings. I was lacking in certain bacteria so I began eating more probiotics in kombucha and kefir yogurt,' she told her fans, before recommending they read Tim Spector's book The Diet Myth.

Davinia’s best friend and former Atomic Kitten member Jenny Frost took to Instagram to praise Davinia for her efforts.

Sharing her pal’s photo, the Whole Again singer told her followers: ‘Check out my fit bestie @daviniataylor. Before & After. She’s completely turned her life around & is always trying out some new fitness thing, healthy pill or potion. I get the best tips from her.

‘I haven’t got her willpower of motivation, yet!!!!! But she really does inspire my everyday #proudmate.’

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Earlier this year, Davinia revealed how running helped her overcome her struggles with post-natal depression.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly in April, Davinia opened up about losing her custody of her son Grey, 10, to ex-husband Dave Gardner in 2010.

‘'That humiliation... to be honest, that spurred me on to keep sober and keep on the program,' she said. 'That was a catalyst that took me into the depths of depression, the support I received was monumental. I think I would be dead...

‘Professional help, and support of people who've already been there. It’s normally so quiet and hush hush for people to speak out and say: "I've had post-natal depression" and as clear as day I went into a massive deep hole and couldn't get out.

'Without exercise I can go into a really dark hole. I did a DNA test and I found out I was an endurance athlete, I said I couldn't, but it was my mind telling me I can't.'


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