Need a new fitness app in your life? Here are 6 to seriously improve your health

It's like having a PT in your pocket!
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  • Want to get fit, lose weight or learn to meditate? Well, there’s a fitness app for that.

    When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, a little support goes a long way – even more so when it’s beamed straight to your screen.

    Download a fitness app to your device and you’ll get structured plans to follow, motivational reminders and super-smart data so you can track your progress.


    Free on iTunes and Google Play

    Exercise and nutrition goes hand-in-hand and MyFitnessPal marries the two, making it a must-have if you’re serious about losing weight. This diet and fitness tracker has a database of over 300,000,000 foods and by manually inputting your meals or scanning food barcodes, you can accurately count calories and log how many calories you’ve burnt from exercise. Tailored to your personal profile, this app can help support your weight loss goals while ensuring you get all your daily nutrients. Easy.


    Free on iTunes and Google Play, £4.99 for C25K Pro

    There’s a reason why millions of beginner runners have downloaded this Couch to 5K trainer. It does exactly what it says on the tin: getting first-time joggers up off the sofa and completing a distance of 5 kilometres in just eight weeks. It’s a proven programme that’s ideal for those starting exercise and works by building up strength and stamina slowly. Complete the manageable mix of walk-a-bit / run-a-bit, three times a week, and before you know it you’ll be running non-stop for 30 minutes. Go you!


    Free on iTunes and Google Play

    Ready to take things up a notch? This popular tracking app for runners and cyclists hooks up to your device –be it your phone, GPS watch, head unit and heart rate monitor, so you can plots training routes, monitor times and performance, and ultimately smash your fitness goals. But what’s fun in having super-smart metrics if there’s no one to share your PBs with? That’s where Strava’s thriving community comes in – letting you share your runs and ride with others so you can cheer on or compete against, your virtual fitness friends.

    Credit: Strava


    Free on iTunes and Google Play, £34.99 for Calm Premium annual subscription

    Think of this as strength training for the mind. Mental health has never been so important but sometimes we need a nudge to take care of it. The Calm app does just that, offering meditation, sleep and mindfulness – with Daily Calm sessions, reminder notifications and gentle motivations to progress though the programmes. Lots of content is free but upgrade to a subscription and you can access all the locked features – which includes Matthew McConaughey narrating a bedtime story to send you off to sleep. Worth it.

    Credit: Calm

    30-day Ab Challenge

    Free on iTunes

    Get ready to crunch! If it’s been a while since you saw your six-pack, here’s the thing to fire-up your abs. This is a super-simple, just-download-and-follow kind of fitness app – meaning less time spent phone-fiddling, and more time doing side-planks. Rest days are built in and the ab exercises vary so that you don’t get bored.



    Free on iTunes and Google Play

    Love walking? This fitness app will help you to get the best out of your hikes and strolls. You can discover new routes, track distances and times, sync it up with your favourite wearable and join the global community of others that are lacing up their walking shoes, for added motivation. Don’t let anyone tell you walking isn’t serious exercise – this app proves otherwise.

    Credit: MapMyWalk


    So, what are you waiting for?

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