Names of the fittest Brits have been revealed! Did you make the list?

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  • It’s good news for men called James and women called Laura – you can officially say you are the fittest people around.

    A study has analysed the correlation between people’s names and their fitness levels with the average Laura visiting the gym 26% more than any of the other woman’s names on the list. Lauras apparently spend an average of 2.5 hours in the gym every session and will complete roughly two high intensity sessions each week!

    Apparently Laura likes the gym quiet to be able to complete her workouts. She pops to the gym during ‘off-peak’ times like Sunday evenings and is so dedicated that she’s even been known to exercise on Christmas Eve!

    And when it comes to James it would appear that he’s a rather keen gym bunny too. According to the data a James will spend his average Friday night in the gym, helping him rack up visits of roughly 24% more per week than his closest rival on the list.

    The findings were revealed in a study by gym chain Fitness First. The company analysed five years of membership data to find out if there was a link between first names and health.

    Turns out the news isn’t so great for the Larrys of this world though. You see, the average Larry only works out during predictable peak moments, January and September, but stays away otherwise.

    As for Michaels, well they are the least efficient in the gym apparently, because despite spending an average of 90 minutes there each time they spend just 45% of that time working out. The rest of the time? Well, they’re having a good old chat and doing a spot of socialising.

    So, what do you think? Can your name influence your behaviour? Let us know in the comments below!