When is the next full moon? Introducing November’s Beaver Moon, it’s spiritual meaning and how it will affect you

Everything to know about the full Moon in November

Beaver Moon
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It's time for the next full Moon, and this month is November's Beaver Moon. We explain what that means, including the spiritual meaning and the impact it'll have on your zodiac sign.

Following September's Harvest Moon and October's New Moon, it's time for November's full Moon - which is known as the Beaver Moon. The Beaver Moon is one of 12 lunar phases throughout the year and marks Taurus in full Moon - and it's also a lunar eclipse. 

Anastasiya Kirilchik, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, tells Goodto: "Since the full moon of November 8 will take place on the Taurus–Scorpio axis, all signs of the zodiac will undergo profound internal transformations in various spheres and will enter a new level of life." So what does November's Beaver Moon mean for your star sign? Read on for all you need to know about the next full Moon. 

When is the next full Moon?

The next full Moon falls on Tuesday 8 November, and will reach its peak in the UK at 11.02am GMT, according to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. This means it should appear at its largest overnight on Monday 7 November, particularly in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

If the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, then the near side of the Moon will be fully lit up, which is what we call a full Moon. But if the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun in its orbit, then the back side of the Moon is lit up and the side facing the Earth is in darkness. This is called a new Moon.

This month, the New Moon will happen later in the month, on Wednesday, 23 November.

The next full Moon after November's Beaver Moon will be December's Cold Moon, which will happen on Sunday 19 December 2022.

What is the Beaver Moon?

November's full Moon is usually known as the Beaver Moon - a name it received in a nod to nature as Beavers build their dams at this time of year.

Farmer's Almanac states: "As the chill air of late fog descends, animals begin to prepare their dens for the deep freeze of winter. Beavers can be seen along the banks of rivers and streams, collecting wood to shore up their lodges and dams before the ice sets in. This was also the time Native American tribes and later European settlers set beaver traps to ensure a supply of warm furs for winter."

Astrologer Anastasiya Kirilchik explains: "Different ethnic groups have different names for the Moon depending on the month of the year. The Indians of North America, for example, named the November full Moon as the Beaver Moon. 

"In November, beavers build their lodges for the winter, and the Indians hunt them. During this period, the Moon shines the brightest and longest, reflecting light and helping night hunting."

However, November's full Moon is also known by other names such as Blood Moon or Frost Moon. Anastasiya adds: "This year, the full moon also occurs on a full lunar eclipse. Because of Earth’s shadow, the Moon takes on a reddish colour, giving it the nickname Blood Moon. You can also find such names as Deer Rutting Moon, Whitefish Moon, the Freezing Moon, and the Frost Moon depending on the ethnic group."

Beaver Moon: Spiritual meaning

Because November's full Moon is a lunar eclipse, it ushers in all sorts of emotional changes this month. 

We know it gets the name Beaver Moon because this is a time of year when Beavers are building shelter from the ice cold weather, but the spiritual meaning behind this nicknames speaks to the way this month’s full moon can illuminate the things we need to feel warm, safe, and secure in a time of increasing seasonal cold and scarcity.

Astrologer Anastasiya Kirilchik explains: "Like any full Moon, The Beaver Moon has a great influence on the outside world. Brain activity increases, metabolism accelerates, and emotional changes occur. During this period, sleep can be disturbed, and a lot of energy appears. You can also see prophetic dreams, so it is important to pay attention to them.

"During this period, it is essential for all signs of the zodiac to channel their energy in a peaceful way, for example, to do what you have long delayed. Also, on this day, it will be great to pay attention to intimate life. Try to avoid conflicts and tense situations and do not drink alcohol."

Taurus in full moon - November 2022

The November Beaver Moon marks Taurus in full Moon. Astrologer Anastasiya Kirilchik says that this is a quiet period, which is all about being considerate and tolerant - especially when it comes to your loved ones.

"The full moon in Taurus brings stability and confidence to the forefront," she tells Goodto. "At this time, it is very important to realise your true values and feel supported by the resources you have. 

"In general, it is a quiet period when people try to be considerate and tolerant toward each other. Relationships with loved ones will become more tolerant and trusting. Workflows will be easy, and thoughts will become clear."

So what's in store for Taurus in November? Anastasiya says: "You need to be careful in the financial sphere, and attention will be better paid to personal relationships. You will finally be ready for change and get positive results. It is also important to deal with your mental and physical health."

What does the full moon mean for other zodiac signs?


Anastasiya says: "In November, you can safely use opportunities for success. You will feel the support of people, and you will find it easy to show your best qualities and draw attention to your strengths. Doing sport will have a positive effect on your motivation and emotional state."


Anastasiya says: "This month can be very successful in the sphere of career and creativity. However, you need to find new and innovative solutions to your problems, especially paying attention to the things that has long drawn strength from you. Within a month, you will receive advantageous offers, so it is important not to miss them."


"You may struggle emotionally at the beginning of the month because Cancers are always very sensitive to eclipses and full moons," Anastasiya explains. "However, by the middle of the month, you can expect pleasant surprises, and you will finally see the results of your efforts."


According to Anastasiya, "November will be a month of active actions toward reaching your goals. You can’t sit this one out because this is going to cause a lot of anger and irritation. You will have to defend your opinion and follow through to get positive results in your career and personal life."


Anastasiya says: "Devote this month to rest and education. Professional development, active communication, and new acquaintances will do you more good than excessive work. Prioritise your health and outdoor walks, it will help to harmonise your emotions."


Anastasiya says, "In November, avoid financial risk and spend consciously. In general, the financial sphere requires your attention and new solutions. You are preparing for a new emotional period, so you should not waste energy. Instead, find moral and physical relief."


Anastasiya advises: "Try to focus on family and household affairs and spend more time with your loved ones. This month will see you change your attitude to life and set priorities. New useful contacts and travel are possible."


"Good luck will follow you everywhere in November," Anastasiya says. "For this, you need to actively establish relationships and communicate and inspire people. The more you help others, the more you will get in return."


Anastasiya says: "This month you will have a clear plan on how to achieve your goals, which will give you a completely calm emotional state. Also, try not to forget about the family, spend time with relatives, and help those around you with advice."


Anastasiya explains: "You need to actively engage in plans and discipline. Sticking to a daily schedule and taking an analytic approach to your tasks can greatly advance your career. Also, do not forget about health and build healthy habits."


Anastasiya says: "You may have some family conflict, but you need to concentrate on work right now. Try to maintain balance and harmony between these spheres, and the result will not be long in coming."

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