New Moon in Scorpio 2022: Its meaning and how the October event will affect you

This top astrologer shares everything to know about October's new moon

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Whilst the full moon has been and gone, there's another lunar event you need to know about this month - October's New Moon in Scorpio. We delve into the meaning and how this will affect your star sign.

Following on from the rocky Mercury in Retrograde period that followed September's Harvest Moon - October brings with it two spectacular moon sightings. The full moon appeared early in the month, delighting us with the Hunter's Moon. But it's the New Moon that falls this week which currently holds our attention - especially as this one coincides with a spectacular partial Solar eclipse

"Every new moon is a cause for celebration, a chance for a fresh start, but this new moon comes with a partial Solar eclipse," celebrity Psychic and Astrologer Inbaal explains. "As the moon rises, its shadow will obscure part of the sun, so that we'll be able to visibly notice that there is a part 'missing' from it." We've shared details of the must-see New Moon and solar eclipse and delved deeper into the spiritual meaning and significance of the New Moon on star signs.

When is the October New Moon?

The New Moon in the UK will appear on the afternoon of October 25, 2022. It's being touted as a not-to-be-missed lunar event as the moon coincides with a partial solar-eclipse in Scorpio.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman tells Goodto: "During the afternoon hours of 25 October, 2022, we will be enjoying the rise of a new moon, with some added excitement owing to the accompanying solar eclipse." According to the New Moon will begin to rise from 10:49am (GMT) or 6:49am (EDT).

What is a New Moon? Definition

In a nutshell - a New Moon is the direct opposite of a Full Moon. With a New Moon, the Moon is sandwiched between Earth and the Sun - this means that the moon we see from Earth is usually in darkness (or shadow) as the sun is not illuminating it from behind

The New Moon is considered the first lunar phase of the four monthly phases - First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter and New Moon.

"The New Moon is a time, every 29/30 days, that the moon is invisible to us on Earth," astrologer Inbaal explains.  "The moon is lit up by the sun, it doesn't have any light of its own, so when we see a full moon, it's when the part of the moon which is lit by the sun is shown to us in its entirety, no shadows. 

"When we see a crescent moon or a gibbous moon, then we only see part of the moon which is lit by the sun. And during the very start of the lunar cycle, we see none of the bright part of the moon, as it faces away from Earth."

Whilst we're used to a new moon each month, new moon eclipses are much more rare - and as such often coincide with a spiritual shake up that impacts our everyday life.

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New Moon: Spiritual meaning

A new moon is generally seen as an opportunity to start over and reflect on what's passed and what is to come - according to astrologer Inbaal.

"Spiritually and magically, we use the new moon as a fresh start every month," she says. "Once a month, the sky is completely dark, which gives us a clean slate, and a good moment to pause and think. What do we want to achieve in the coming month? Where does our energy belong? Who should we invest in?

Inbaal adds that The New Moon is a fabulous time for journalling, writing down our desires and picking our best way forward. "The dark moon is a great time to meditate on new beginnings, ideas and goals."

New Moon in Scorpio - what does this mean?

The New Moon falls within Scorpio season (October 23 - Nov 21) - which explains the phrase 'New Moon in Scorpio'. As a result, the New Moon will be affected by the Scorpio sign and what the mysterious sign symbolises during this time period: recognise, release and resilience. 

Astorloger Inbaal tells us: "Scorpio is a sign linked with mysticism and esotericism, those qualities and values in life that cannot be measured and cannot be grasped.

"The New Moon is a great time to ask for those elements to enter our sphere. Ask the reborn moon to inspire you, open your third eye and make you more spiritually aware. Try to notice any messages from the universe, and pay attention to your dreams."

She adds: "Scorpio signs are already gifted in the fields of psychic ability and spiritual development, so this new moon could be a time to initiate a new direction within your esoteric development, maybe start working with runestones or look into the Goddess Hekate."

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What does the New Moon mean for zodiac signs?


Inbaal says: "The New Moon in Scorpio has a neat little connection to you via the ruling planet of Scorpio. Even though Scorpio is now ruled by Pluto, its traditional ruler was Mars, like yours. So you're similarly passionate and fiery. This New Moon is a good time to decide which fiery action you will be taking, and which declining."


Inbaal explains that this season could be a challenging one for Taurus. She says: "As the new moon rises in Scorpio, your ruling planet Venus is also in Scorpio, so you'll be feeling it more than most, Taurus. The Scorpio energies are those of sensuality and mysticism, not normally your cup of tea, so you'll be taken right out of your comfort zone."


Inbaal says: "This Scorpio new moon paired with the solar eclipse is a sends a lot of mixed messages. As a Gemini, mixed messages don't phase you, as you often have to deal with your own brain asking you for two opposite things at once. You'll be a little bored once the whole storm passes."


Inbaal reveals that the New Moon in Scorpio has knock-on effects on your sleep time. She says: "As the one sign that is ruled by the moon, you're affected by every lunar change, Cancer. This new moon will bring some vivid dreams, and since it's a Scorpio moon, you'll be dreaming of people you've lost. Those messages are precious and rare, so value them as messages of love."


Inbaal says: "Your sign is ruled by the Sun, Leo, so the new moon doesn't impact you as strongly as others. However, during the new moon, the sun and the moon are joined together, which means you can sense each other's qualities. The Scorpio gifts of uncovering secrets could rub off on you."


Virgos should expect the unexpected during the New Moon in Scorpio 2022. "You love routine, Virgo, and so you probably already are in the habit of listing your new goals every time a new moon is born," says Inbaal. "This Scorpio new moon will bring some unexpected pivots, which you don't love, but with a bit of humour and a lot of patience, you can overcome anything."


Inbaal explains: "Your own season has only just ended, Libra, so you're a little overwhelmed from all the activity around your sign. The new friends you've made, the new projects on the table. You need this new moon to allow yourself a quiet moment before you start achieving everything you've decided on."


It's all about the planning, Inbaal says for Scorpios. "The October New Moon in Scorpio is your only New Moon this year, and is a time for you to go within, see how things impact you, and think of what you'd like to achieve in the next six months. On 5 May, 2023 there will be a Scorpio full moon, and that will be a time for accomplishment. This moon now, is about planning."


Inbaal says it's a time for Sagittarius signs to be bold. She explains: "You're one of the most optimistic signs of the zodiac, and every date is a cause for celebration for you, Sagittarius. So this feeling of optimism you get when the new moon is born, is the same as the excitement you feel when a new month starts, a new year, and each fresh morning. Use this Scorpio new moon to empower you towards fresh beginnings in the Scorpionic qualities of determination and bravery."


Inbaal says: "Totally apart from the new moon, and the eclipse, this day feels like an extra fresh start for you, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn, has been in retrograde for a while, and on the 23rd, it finally went direct. So you've got a triple celebration on your hands, and a much-needed chance to start afresh."


It's a time of reflection for Aquarius, says Inbaal. "You're not particularly bothered about your own goals and dreams, Aquarius," she tells us. "You prefer for everyone else to have theirs before you have yours. So the new moon isn't a time for wish-making for you, rather a time of taking stock. You check if you've done enough for everyone else. Remember you can't pour from an empty cup, replenish your own resources too.


"Your watery nature makes you feel right at home with the movements of the moon, Pisces," says Inbaal. "The moon rules the sign of Cancer, your watery sibling, and it is now in Scorpio, completing the water trifecta. You'll feel comfortable and capable and will be surrounded by nurturing, positive people at this time."

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Israeli-born Pisces Inbaal Honigman has been a leading voice in the spiritual community since the year 2000, when she was the youngest contestant on psychic game show 'Mystic Challenge' on UK Living TV. Since then she's written for scores of publications internationally and has spoken on a myriad of topics from Tarot to witchcraft and beyond. Her full time job is reading and teaching Tarot to great acclaim. She lives in the West Yorkshire hills with her Pisces husband and four small kids, three of whom are Pisces.

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