When is the next full moon? Introducing September’s Harvest Moon, it’s spiritual meaning and how it will affect you

This top astrologer shares everything to know about the full Moon in September

Harvest Moon
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It's time for the next full Moon, and this month is September's Harvest Moon. We explain what that means and the impact it'll have on your zodiac sign.

Unlike July's Buck Moon and August's Sturgeon Moon, September's Harvest Moon is not a Supermoon. The Harvest Moon is one of 12 lunar phases throughout the year and marks Pisces in full Moon, following Virgo season. Celebrity Psychic and Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains: "The September full Moon always catches us on that melancholy cusp between the joys of summer, and the introspection of autumn. Virgo season is sensible, as we transition from holiday mode, back into routine - school, work, and the inevitable countdown to Christmas. 

"Virgo's lessons are those of reason, acceptance, and laying down plans. In the midst of all this adulting, the full moon of Virgo season is always in Pisces, a sign prone to rumination, romanticism and nostalgia. And so the full Moon gives us pause, a moment to remember that we are human beings, emotional and flawed, not the Virgoan dream of infallible perfection. Water signs will thrive during this watery moment, whereas Earth signs will feel challenged by the shift in energies." So what does September's Harvest Moon mean for your star sign? Read on for all you need to know about the full moon and October's New Moon in Scorpio too.

When is the next full moon?

The September Harvest Moon will happen on 10 September at 9.59am GMT. Although it will actyally rise the evening before, on 9 September. The Harvest Moon is the closest to the Autumn equinox, which occurs on 22 or 23 September.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman tells Goodto: "On the same day as the full Moon, Mercury will be turning retrograde, which can cause some disruption, discord and misunderstandings in communication.

"It is likely that the blessings of the full Moon, of clarity and intent, will be overshadowed by this pesky Mercury, causing things to be slower to come to fruition."

She adds: "Even though the Harvest Moon is usually big news, and when the full moon is in Pisces, emotions and actions are heightened, the proximity to Mercury going retrograde will likely take away some of the sheen of this full Moon.

"The Sturgeon moon last month was a Supermoon, whereas this Harvest Moon isn't. It's still a special Moon, but perhaps not as influential astrologically."

Just a few days later, Jupiter will be in opposition and the closest it has been to Earth since 1963, meaning you can see Jupiter with the naked eye.

What is the Harvest Moon?

September’s full Moon is usually known as the Harvest Moon. It's name is based on it's arrival giving farmers some much-needed extra evenings of moonlight, allowing them to finish their harvests before the frosts of winter arrive. 

However, if October’s full Moon happens to occur closer to the equinox than September’s, it takes on the name instead. According to almanac.com, in this case, September’s full Moon is referred to as the Corn Moon.

September's full Moon has been called by its Old European name, the Harvest Moon, since at least 1706, according to NASA. And unlike other full Moons, this full Moon rises at nearly the same time - at around sunset - for several evenings in a row. Hence it's connection to farmers and the farmers. 

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains: "This is the full Moon closest to the start of the harvest season. Summer is the season of growth. Cereal crops, fruit, vegetables and even meat are grown, and in autumn they are harvested.

"When a day's harvest would turn into evening and then night, farmers would benefit from the light of the full Moon. Farming names are usual for the full Moons, and indicate the meanings of the old seasons in farming societies."

However, as well as the Harvest Moon and Corn Moon, Inbaal adds that September's full Moon also goes by other names. She says: "Another name for the September full Moon is Barley moon - which also indicates a time of ripeness and of impending harvest."

So what will the Harvest Moon look like in 2022? Inbaal adds: "In 2022, the Harvest moon is not a Supermoon and so even though it is likely to appear very bright, even orange in colour, as it first rises, it won't be larger than average."

Harvest Moon: Spiritual meaning

September's Harvest Moon will have signs of feeling a little uneasy, but also offers an opportunity for a fresh start. The Harvest Moon is thought to have the spiritual power to illuminate our minds.

The harvest moon gives you enough time to accomplish your goals, which is reflected in those extra evenings of moonlight. If you see the Harvest Moon in your dream, it's a sign that you have enough time. It is telling you to rise above the negative feeling that runs through your mind.

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman adds: "In the farm, the Harvest Moon plays a powerful part in the actual harvest. Allowing the farmer to keep harvesting into the night, it turns a plentiful crop into food, heat and economic power. Spiritually, this Moon does the exact same thing for us as people.

"During summer, we grow our stock socially and mentally. Socialising and networking to meet new people who could be helpful friends later on. Putting in extra hours at work. Spending time enriching our brains, learning and gaining experience, until it is time to put all theory into practice.

"The full moon allows us to raise the sickle and make use of our crops. Printing out that shiny new certificate we gained, and going for that new role. Contacting a new acquaintance who said they could help us move cities. Harvesting the hours of extra work and turning them into an added week's holiday. The full Harvest Moon calls on us to stop hoarding and start utilising our resources."

Pisces in Full Moon - September 2022

The September Harvest Moon marks Pisces in full Moon. According to astrology.tv, this is a time that highlights the balance between order and chaos in our lives. 

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains: "Pisces is a sign that is aligned with many of the qualities of the Full Moon. Even though the Moon is ruler of Cancer, not Pisces, the link is undeniable. The romantic nature of Pisces, the illusory elements of its character, how artistic it is - are all very like the message of each full Moon.

"In the Tarot, the sign of Pisces is even represented by the Moon card. For any sign to be in a full Moon is quite huge news for that sign, that is an opportunity for people born under that sign to manifest their desires, and make the whole lunar moment about themselves."

She adds: "This is doubly true for the Pisces full moon. Pisceans will feel more aligned, more capable, however also more light headed and otherworldly. If you're a Pisces, use the time to write down your manifestations, place a silver bowl of water on a window ledge and create 'Moon water' which will help you find what you're looking for in life."

So what can Pisces expect this month? Inbaal says: "It's your full moon and you feel like a happy feisty fish in your own huge aquarium of opportunities. As other signs shy away from the maelstrom of challenging planetary action, deciding to remain indoors and avoid potentially uncomfortable situations, you're out there getting wet. If you win, just because you're the only contestant who turned up, does it matter? A win is a win, wear that sash with pride!"

What does the full moon mean for other zodiac signs?


Inbaal says: "During the Pisces full Moon, some secrets may be coming to light. This is cool with you, since you're no fan of secrets anyway - but keep a close watch over who says what around you. Misinformation is rife, between the full moon in mysterious Pisces, and Mercury going retrograde on the same day."


Inbaal explains that this season is a familiar one for Taurus. She says: "Virgo season feels very homely and pleasant to you. You're not the only one making plans, plotting routes and dressing for comfort - everyone is at it! On the 10th, don't stop being you. The full Moon will try to mix you up with its contradictory messages. Just stay in your lane and let it pass."


Inbaal says: "You loved summer, and the freedom from responsibilities. Even if you're a hard-working Gemini in a mainstream job, you'd have gotten swept up in the joy. Let alone if you're a typical Gemini with a creative job who took tons of days off. The full Moon in Pisces will make you feel like you may be in the wrong. Don't let it blindside you."


Inbaal reveals that it's your "time to shine." She says: "The Moon is your ruling planet and the full Moon is your time to shine. Especially now with the full moon in Pisces, you couldn't feel more at home if you tried. That people are feeling overwhelmed emotionally is no problem, you can take their mental load and lighten it by listening."


Inbaal says that this season is the time for Leos to put their heads down. She says: "All this lunar energy feels a bit much, doesn't it, Leo? Remember Leo season, when the sun shone and everyone was bright and honest? It seems like such a long time ago now. Take advantage of the Pisces full Moon and do a bit of journaling, crack on with that shadow work."


Inbaal says: "It's your season, Virgo. And you're a reasonable sign, you're happy to accept that some days are a little harder. For example, days when the Moon is full and confusing, and it is in Pisces, which is too dreamy for your liking, and it's the same day Mercury goes retrograde which can be challenging, you're happy to accept it. You know you'll learn from the challenges."


Inbaal explains that it might be a tough month for you. "You love seeing everything in balance, so the time of the full moon is not your favourite moment in the month. The Pisces full Moon puts the emphasis on dreams, thinking outside the box, heart over head, and frankly, you'd rather things were back to normal. But why not make the most of a challenging situation? Put some protective crystals by your bed and record your dreams. Who knows what you might find?"


Inbaal says: "You're a water sign, like Pisces and Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the full Moon is significant to them. Pisces is the sign where the Moon is right now, so the full Moon is significant to them. Where two water signs go, all waters signs go. So if this night is important to Cancer and Pisces, find a way to make it important to you too - secrets and lies will come back to haunt, so stand guard and be prepared for anything and anyone."


Inbaal says that this is a time for manifestation. She explains: "You prefer open and frank communication, even brutal at times! So the mystical way that this full Moon in Pisces presents itself doesn't feel natural to you. But the full moon allows you the complete freedom to wish for things - and you should grab the opportunity and make a brand new vision board."


Inbaal says: "With five planets in retrograde at the time of the full Moon, an organised sign such as yourself will be trying to get back in your lane, again and again - but it would feel like trying to empty the ocean using a teaspoon. This is an opportunity for growth - tell yourself that you don't care if things don't go as planned. Take yourself out for a fun day out if something gets cancelled. Heck, you could even stay in bed! Embrace it."


Inbaal says: "The Aquarius full Moon a month ago was a Supermoon, and as you set out your intentions, they should be coming to fruition right about now. As you can see things are going your way, you may find that some dreams suddenly pivot. You don't need to change anything, when the full moon starts to wane, so will your troubles."

When was the last full moon?

The last full Moon was August's Sturgeon Moon, which rose at 8.55pm in the UK on Thursday 11 August 2022, peaking at 2.36 GMT the following morning

The August full moon marked the final Supermoon of 2022 after four in a row. The full Moon in August is called the Sturgeon Moon because of the abundance of the giant sturgeon fish found in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain in North America during that part of summer.

Because it is a Supermoon - which are categorised when the Moon is at 360,000km or less away from Earth and therefore appear larger - the Strugeon Moon is bold and bright in appearance and can also have a red tinge, thanks to the late August heat.

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