Organ donation and your religious beliefs

Organ donation can help someone who needs a life-saving transplant.

It’s important to know that when choosing to be an organ donor after you die, your faith and beliefs will always be respected.

What religions support organ donation?

All the major religions and belief systems in the UK are open to the principles of organ donation and transplantation – accepting that it is an individual choice.

But it’s natural that you may have questions or concerns surrounding your religion and organ donation. Exploring these can help you to make your decision and give you the certainty you need to talk to family and friends about it. Even within the same religious groups, people may have different perspectives on donating organs after death.

Whether or not you decide to be an organ donor, it is always your choice – and you can seek advice from your religious leader or adviser to be sure that aspects of organ donation are in-line with the principles of your faith.

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Share your decision with loved ones

Your family will always be involved before organ donation goes ahead, so it’s important to speak to them too about what you want, so that they understand your decision and can support it at a difficult time.

9 out of 10 families in the UK support organ donation going ahead, when it has already been discussed within the family – and they’re sure it is what their loved one wanted. Whatever your organ donation decision, the best thing you can do is talk with your loved ones to give them the certainty to support it.

In this video, families talk about how they had the conversation about organ donation - and why it’s so important to talk about your decision

Your faith and beliefs will always be respected before organ donation goes ahead.

Visit NHS Organ Donation for more advice on organ donation and your beliefs. You can find out more about your choices and record your organ donation decision – remember, whatever you decide, talk with your loved ones to give them the certainty they need to support it.