Best and worst supermarket hummus for your diet revealed!

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  • We absolutely love hummus. Just can't get enough of the stuff. But wouldn't it be nice to know which hummus is best when we're watching our diet, and which ones to leave on the shelves?

    If you were going to force us to pick our absolutely favourite snack of all time (which we wouldn’t want to do – it’s too hard!) then it might have to be hummus.

    To put it plainly, we can’t get enough of the stuff. And we have a feeling you can’t either! Whether it’s with toasted pitta, carrot sticks, in a sandwich or on a salad (not to mention laden on our favourite crisps), they’re a necessity in our fridge and a must-have over the warm months!

    But the warm weather also means looking good in our summer clothes, so choosing the right snack for our diets is important. After all, we put all that hard work into doing some exercise and healthy eating, we don’t want to ruin it all without realising! But, is hummus healthy?

    We’ve rounded up the best and worst supermarket hummus that the shops have to offer, so you know which hummus to grab next time you next hit the supermarket aisles.