'I didn't feel like me' Lorraine Kelly reveals the emotional struggle she hid from her husband and daughter

'I wasn’t seeing much joy in things'

Lorraine Kelly has opened up about a period in her life where she 'wasn't seeing much joy in things'.

Although the TV presenter, 57, doesn't believe she was depressed (opens in new tab), she said that she felt she'd 'lost her mojo', and hid her emotions from her husband Steve and daughter Rosie.

Fans care about the TV star and often ask Where is Lorraine Kelly? (opens in new tab) when she's not on her show.

'I didn't feel like me. It was weird. Things didn't feel quite right,' she explained during an interview with Closer magazine. 'I wouldn't say I was depressed at all but I wasn't seeing much joy in things.'

'It was just my hormones were all over the place. It's like when you're pregnant (opens in new tab) and you find yourself sobbing at adverts, which is what I used to do.'

Lorraine pictured with her daughter Rosie

It seems likely that it would have been a battle for Lorraine, who is famed for her infectiously sunny personality, to disguise these feelings, but she added: 'I'm good at hiding things. I tend to plaster a smile on and just get on with it. That's what most women do.'

Eventually, she sought advice from TV regular and friend Dr Hilary Jones, who suggested she try HRT patches - a solution which has helped to 'rebalance' her.

Earlier this year, Lorraine spoke to Prima magazine about her experience of the menopause, and again credited HRT for getting her through the process.

'Having been through the menopause, my message to any woman is not to suffer in silence. I was lucky because I had no flushes and never felt down,' she revealed at the time. 'But it was still a difficult thing to go through and I had days when I felt dreadful.'

'For me, HRT patches were the way forward, and I would urge all women to seek help to find a solution to suit them,' she continued. 'Why not have a bit of extra help when you need it? Ultimately, the menopause is liberating!'


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