Oprah Winfrey shows off impressive weight loss on the red carpet

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  • Oprah Winfrey has been showing off her svelte figure after losing more than 26lbs on the Weight Watchers plan.

    Oprah’s weight loss
    has been nothing short of remarkable, and now the star has made an appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of TV series Queen Sugar, wearing a tight-fitting black dress which showed off her slimmed-down curves.

    Oprah looked happy and relaxed as she posed for the cameras

    Oprah joined Weight Watchers last August, when she also became a shareholder and spokesperson for the brand. Whilst she hasn’t yet revealed the total amount of weight she’s shed, she’d already lost around 26lb – or one and a half stone – by January 2016. At her heaviest, she weighed 237lbs.

    Now she says she’s lost enough weight that her long-term partner Stedman Graham can carry her around.

    ‘I would like him to pick me up and carry me to the pool,’ Oprah joked at the event. ‘I’ve lost enough weight, he can pick me up and carry me to the pool. I can straddle him without breaking his back.’

    Oprah, pictured here in 2015, says she’s lost more than 26lbs after following the Weight Watchers plan for a year

    After yo-yo dieting for much of her adult life, the 62 year old has previously opened up about why she feels that Weight Watchers in particular has worked for her.

    In May 2016, during a call for new members, she said, ‘I don’t feel like I’m on a diet that I’m ever going to go off of again. I feel like I’ll be counting points for the rest of my life.’

    ‘I genuinely feel that it’s been easier this time than the other 3,000 times I’ve gone on a diet because I don’t even feel like it is a diet. I just feel like, ‘Okay, my life has changed.’ It’s totally clicked. I had to get to be 62 to figure it out! It just is like moving into another way of being.’

    She’s also a fan of the sense of balance that comes with the plan, famously exclaiming in an advert for the company, ‘You can still eat bread!’

    ‘This is the joy for me. I love bread!’ she explained in the clip. ‘Now I just manage it. I don’t deny myself bread, I have bread every day. That’s the genius of this program’.

    Oprah now frequently shares pictures on her social media accounts of herself preparing healthy meals, including chicken and vegetables and light, fresh salads.

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    Whatever she’s doing, it’s definitely working – looking amazing, Oprah!