Looking to attract your perfect partner? These are the sports you should try, according to your horoscope

Women who do Pilates like Adele are more attractive to Virgo men

sports to attract a partner by horoscope
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We all love to know what’s in our horoscope and they claim to tell us about everything from our parenting style to your personality traits.

But for those of us seeking a new partner or on the dating scene, your star sign could now be the key to meeting someone – depending on what sport they like.

New research has found that certain star signs like to see the opposite sex playing a certain sport or doing a particular activity.

For example, a woman who is an Aries likes a man who does boxing as it shows he’s competitive. Virgo women like their men to be walkers as it shows they’re chilled and laid-back, while Aquarius ladies like a mountain biker.

And what about the men? Well, A Virgo man likes a woman who goes to Pilates (Adele has recently been revealed as a fan of the toning class) as it shows mindfulness, while a Leo just wants you to do anything – any activity will show him that you’re living a healthy life.

When it comes to more extreme sports, it’s Scorpio’s of both sexes who want to see some action. Scorpio men want a woman who skis – like Kate Middleton, who is already helping George find his feet on the slopes, or the Kardashian sisters - as it shows fearlessness. While Scorpio women fancy blokes who go rock climbing as it shows strength.

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Of course, any activity is good for your body, and you should always do the sport or gym class that you like the most rather than one a potential suitor might be attracted to. But it’s worth bearing in mind, ladies, that if you like Yoga, then you might attract a Cancerian, and if you’re into swimming, it could be a Pisces man for you.

The research is by online sports retailer Golfsupport.com – the company investigated various character traits associated with each star sign to reveal what type of sports you should consider too attract the opposite sex. Golfsupport.com also surveyed 50 men and women with various star signs to get their opinion.

And if you’re wondering where Golf features in the star sign run down. Well, it’s Cancerian women who like their men to play a round or two. They’re in good company – it’s a fave sport of heartthrob George Clooney.

What sports attract men? 

1. Aries: Lacrosse (shows bravery, focus and strength) 2. Taurus: Weightlifting (shows strength and determination) 3. Gemini: Volleyball (shows you’re flexible and laid back) 4. Cancer: Yoga (shows confidence and positivity) 5. Leo: Any (shows a healthy life) 6. Virgo: Pilates (shows mindfulness) 7. Libra: Gymnastics (shows balance and stability) 8. Scorpio: Skiing (shows fearlessness) 9. Sagittarius: Riding (shows you are independent) 10. Capricorn: Hockey (shows endurance and awareness) 11. Aquarius: Surfing (shows adventure) 12. Pisces: Swimming (shows control and restraint)

Which sports attract women?

1. Aries: MMA and boxing (shows competitiveness and confidence) 2. Taurus: Body building (shows strength and bravery) 3. Gemini: Rowing (shows stability) 4. Cancer: Golf (shows you’re organised and aware) 5. Leo: Any 6. Virgo: Walking (shows a chilled, laid-back personality) 7. Libra: Ice hockey (shows you are elegant) 8. Scorpio: Rock climbing (shows strength) 9. Sagittarius: Archery (shows precision and accuracy) 10. Capricorn: Cross-country running (shows endurance and motivation) 11. Aquarius: Mountain biking (shows you’re a risk taker) 12. Pisces: Swimming (shows you are self-driven)

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