15 family Halloween costumes and ideas to shop before spooky season

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  • Family Halloween costumes are a great way to get creative this autumn with so many fun ideas to choose from. 

    Sorting out kids’ Halloween costumes is an autumn tradition but what happens when you’ve got a big Halloween party? Or you’re all going out trick-or-treating? Family Halloween costumes make the situation so much easier as you’ve only got to think of one set of characters and do one online shop for supplies. Plus, they’re sure to be a winner on Instagram and make the family photo album.

    Whether you’re a fan of the Disney movies or prefer more of a classic spooky Halloween outfit from one of the famous Halloween movies for kids and adults, we’ve got you covered with our selection of the best family Halloween costumes.

    These are the best family Halloween costumes to shop this year…

    1. The Incredibles family Halloween costume

    First up on our list is the amazing crime-fighting family themselves! You can pick up everything you need to become The Incredibles this Halloween from Amazon – including an adorable baby grow for the little one.

    2. Monsters Inc. family costume

    All eyes are on Mike Wazowski in this adorable Halloween costume set up. While Sully and Boo are a perfect Halloween couples costume, this extra addition of Mike is prfect if there’s three of your in the family, as you can complete the trio from the films. While you’ll probably need to pick up the Sully onesie from Amazon, and baby Mike too, Boo’s costume you can probably make from home with an oversized purple t-shirt, leggings and plimsoles.

    4. The Addams Family Halloween costume

    This is a real family Halloween costume staple! If your family is kooky like this one, there’s surely not a better outfit to get for Halloween. It’s an easy one to do no matter how many there are of you in the family as well, as long as Mum and Dad can get the garb for Morticia and Gomez Addams, you’ll be instantly recognisable. We love baby Uncle Fester here, though.

    And much like our other family Halloween costumes, you can get what you need from Amazon.

    5. Lilo and Stitch family Halloween costume

    This iconic Disney film makes for a great Halloween costume! It’s ideal for a trio (with Dad as Stitch, of course) and the outfits are all quite easy to make with some hula grass and green felt.

    5. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory family Halloween costume

    Actor Neil Patrick Harris is famous for his yearly family Halloween costumes and he didn’t let the pandemic prevent him from pulling another show-stopper last year. While Neil got the role of Grandpa Joe, his husband David took on Mr Wonka and their children were Veruca Salt and Charlie himself.

    6. Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume

    Turn this classic fairytale into your next family Halloween costume! Aside from the wolf onesie for the little one in the family and Red Riding Hood’s cape, you’ve probably got everything you need to bring this story to life for spooky season.

    7. Harry Potter family Halloween costume

    Harry Potter is another great go-to family Halloween costume. As well as the classic Harry, Ron and Hermione outfits you can buy from Argos or Amazon, parents can take on the role of Hagrid, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and many other of the characters from the franchise. If you’ve got a baby, why not fit them out in a hedwig outfit? You can make one from home with this tutorial from DIY Primary.

    8. Firefighters family costume

    Who says a family has to look exactly the same on Halloween? In this autumnal scene, Mum and Dad have gone for low-key key matching cowboy outfits, leaving the kids to shine as firefighters.

    A family with two children dressed as firefighters for Halloween walk through a leaf strewn park.

    Credit: Getty

    9. Scooby Doo family Halloween costume

    This family Halloween costume is certainly a commitment but you’ll no doubt make an entrance! Walk into Halloween dressed as the famous crime fighting Mystery Machine team with outfits available on Amazon for all the gang. If you’ve got a furry friend in tow on Halloween, even better, as they can come as Scooby Doo himself!

    Pair this collection with some of the best Halloween food ideas and you’ve got yourself a party.

    10. Jurassic Park Halloween costume

    Just the two of you on Halloween? Try this hilarious Halloween costume straight from the Jurassic park films. It’s especially a great one if your child LOVES dinosaurs and already has a onesie to wear. For the adult, all you’ll need is a Jurassic Park t-shirt, a cap and some classic ranger gear to pull off this memorable look.

    11. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cat in The Hat family costume

    If there are baby twins in your family or you have two children of a similar age, a Cat in The Hat family costume is a great option. While the two little ones can wear these cute baby grows, other members of the family can dress up as the big cat himself, Sally Walden and even the fish.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 family Halloween costume

    Credit: Amazon

    12. Vampires Family Halloween costume

    If you want to stick to something a little more traditional this month, a coven of vampires is a ready-made family costume. Each member of the family can make their costume their own with the classic trickles of fake blood, hair styles and dark costumes and, of course, those pointy teeth. You can also buy a costume for the kids if you don’t have the time to make one, though.

    If you have a baby and they’re a little too young for a vampy makeover, try this super cute bat costume.

    13. Tiger King family Halloween costume

    With Halloween 2020 cancelled, it’s only fair that lockdown hit Tiger King gets its chance at spooky season. Along with the tiger onesies for the kids, adults will need a vibrant shirt and a mullet wig for Joe Exotic, a flower crown and bright shawl for Carole Baskin.

    14. Ghosts family Halloween costume

    Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective! That’s undoubtedly why the classic white-sheet-black-eye-holes Halloween costume has been such a winner for so many years. It’s so easy to make at home and you can include as many members of the family as you have white sheets. Go haunting on Halloween as a family with this classic costume and you’ll no doubt turn a few heads.

    15. Toy Story family Halloween costume

    It’s certainly not the scariest family Halloween costume on the street but everyone will certainly recognise who you are. This collection of Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep and Forky comes from the fourth instalment of the Pixar films and all the outfits can be picked up from Amazon.

    Happy Halloween!