Boyzone star Shane Lynch and wife Sheena White ‘split’ after 13 years of marriage due to ‘isolation’ struggles

Shane Lynch
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Shane Lynch, best known for his time in band Boyzone, has revealed he’s moved out of his family home after he and his wife were at ‘each other’s throats’ during isolation.

The singer confessed on Paul Danan's Morning After podcast that he and his wife Sheena had had difficult times during isolation, which resulted in him moving out of the family home.

“We have had difficult times and are going through difficult times right now in this isolation thing”, he said.

“I’m not even in my family home right now because me and her were at each other’s throats. It wasn’t a good time or a good space.”

The pair share two daughters, aged 11 and seven, but struggled to adapt to the new reality as Shane is so used to being away a lot, travelling for work.

“I’m usually on the road and for the first time I’ve spent three months in my house.

“All of a sudden I’m at home a lot. You find out things about relationships and it can be very difficult. It can be a struggle.”

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However, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant also revealed that he hopes that he and his wife can work things out soon.

He added, “I’m praying every day me and my wife sort out our things and I get back to my kids. I pray the longer me and my wife are apart at this moment, during these difficult times, it builds a strongness so when we get back together life will continue to be amazing in the next 15, 20, 30 years.

“But I don’t know God’s plan. Just because I love her and I love my children, does that mean there’s something new for me in life? I don’t know. I have to wait my time.”

Shane's drama is not unheard of - reports from China show that the number of divorce requests soared after lockdown ended, which is thought to be because couples spent too much time together.

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