Why Harry Potter fans make the best partners

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  • Calling all Harry Potter fans - you have finally been vindicated!

    Stir up a batch of amortentia because it turns out that you’re meant to be in a relationship.

    That’s right. The oft-mocked Harry Potter fan has finally been vindicated after a study revealed that they make some of the best partners.

    The research revealed that those who are fans of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings also make better lovers.

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    To come to their conclusions, study leaders looked at over 400 male and female readers who were surveyed about a variety of genres.

    Researchers looked at classics, contemporary literary fiction, romance, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, and horror genres and asked participants about their attitudes towards unrealistic and destructive beliefs in relationships as well as looking at gender roles and sexual behaviour.

    Three genres were found to be significantly correlated with different relationship beliefs,’ revealed study authors. ‘Individuals who scored higher on exposure to classics were less likely to believe that disagreement is destructive.

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    Science fiction/fantasy readers were also less likely to support the belief that disagreement is destructive, as well as the belief that partners cannot change, the belief that sexes are different, and the belief that mind-reading is expected in relationships.

    ‘In contrast, prior exposure to the romance genre was positively correlated with the belief that the sexes are different, but not with any other subscale of the Relationships Belief Inventory.’

    Researchers behind the study also said that, ‘individuals who scored higher for exposure to science fiction and fantasy were less likely to endorse four unrealistic relationship beliefs’.

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    And it’s not just romantic relationships that Harry Potter develops your personality towards.

    A previous report has claimed in the past that reading the seven Harry Potter books could make you a better person overall as it ‘significantly improved young people’s perception of stigmatised groups’.

    Turns out it’s not so bad being a Potterhead after all!