Chef and campaigner Jack Monroe announces engagement to partner Louisa Compton

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  • Jack Monroe has announced her engagement to partner Louisa Compton.

    The British food writer, chef and journalist took to social media to reveal her happy news with a sweet photo.

    Posting an image to her Twitter page that shows the betrothed couple displaying their sparkly engagement rings, the 30-year-old wrote: ‘I’ve been keeping this a secret until we told our mums, but @louisa_compton said yes!!’

    The excited fiancée also posted the image to her Instagram page, writing: ‘The last 20 months have been a glorious adventure in love, life, and learning, and I’m very happy to share this glorious news with you all. I love you @louisa_compton 😍 and am a very happy’.

    Fans and co-workers rushed to congratulate the poverty activist and her TV producer fiancée, with comments including: ‘Congratulations! May all your years together be happy ones’, ‘Congratulations to you both. Such sunny news’, ‘How lovely to log on to Twitter and see some GOOD news! Congratulations to you both’ and ‘YAAAAS CONGRATULATIONS!!’.

    One eager follower even inquired about when the couple are planning to walk down the aisle, writing: ‘Massive congratulations to you both. Is a date set?’

    And another commended the pair for prioritising their families, commenting: ‘Congratulations to you both & so lovely you waited to post the news before speaking to your mum’s’.

    The excited couple even received well-wishes from a host of well-known faces, with TV cook Nigella Lawson tweeting ‘Congratulations’, activist and TV presenter Katie Piper adding ‘Woo hoo congratulations’, and Irish actress Bronagh Waugh commenting ‘Ach! Huge Congratulations to you Jack & to the lovely @louisa_compton Absolutely gorgeous news!!!’

    Jack became well-known back in 2012 with her food blog A Girl Named Jack, which has since been renamed Cooking on a Bootstrap.

    On the blog, the activist, who is known for campaigning on poverty issues, shares recipes for healthly meals that can be made without spending too much money.

    In the past, she used the site to share her experiences of raising a young child, her son, as a single parent while living on a low budget.

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    Three days ago I was photographed for the Observer (2) by a lovely photographer called Sonja, who I had worked with before, six years ago. . Sonja took the first photo of me for the national press in December 2012, after a journalist friend had sent me a number for a newsroom that were looking for 'a mum with no money for Christmas'. I didn't want to talk to the press about my shitty life. I was ashamed. The journalist offered me £250. (I later learned the fee for her article was £500 and she had split it with me.) I had £11 to my name and no Christmas presents for my son, no heating, no food, no hope, nothing to lose. Yeah alright, I thought. Tomorrow's chip paper. I hoped nobody I knew saw the story. . As a side bar to the article, the Sunday People – fascinated by the inner machinations and everyday decisions of life on the breadline – asked me for a breakdown of my weekly shopping list, incredulous that anyone could live on less than £10 a week. (I stress – I _could_, I shouldn't have _had to_ in a decent society.) I broke it down for them, item by item, penny by penny. They got a nutritionist to analyse it, for the article. She said I was doing a brilliant job in awful circumstances, or words to that effect. . Little did I know this photograph was the snowflake that would start an avalanche. A cookery book deal. Several more. TV work, a radio play based on my life. Speaking at political party conferences. Festivals. More. I had no idea, here, that my life would ever be anything other than cold drudgery, petty shoplifting for sandwiches, and buying tins with change at the self service checkout so no eyes burned impatiently into my shame-stained face as I handed over seventeen one penny coins for a can of kidney beans. . Six years on, those kidney beans are 29p, and I'm writing books five and six. My kitchen is still tiny, but there's food in it now. Three months worth, because this gaunt, frail, defiant girl in this photograph still lives deep inside the plumper, grinning woman in the next one. I fear hunger. The cold makes me ill. Knocks at the door still make me tremble. . A lot has happened between these two photographs. Thanks Sonja for documenting them.

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    She recently revealed that she has suffered with alcoholism in the past, but is now in recovery.

    Congratulations to the engaged couple on their happy news!

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