7 things only Slimming World fans will understand!

From syn counting to your first weight loss, here are 7 familiar stages we all know (and love) about being on the Slimming World plan.

Whether you've just decided to start Slimming World (after weeks and weeks of your friends raving about it, encouraging you to join up and get involved), or you're a dedicated follower (we're talking knowing every syn off by heart here), there are a few things that you just can't ignore when it comes to the diet plan!

From that very first weigh in day, to the cravings along the way, here are the seven familiar stages we all know (and love) about being on the Slimming World plan.

1. The 'What am I thinking?' moment

So your Slimming World challenge has begun and already the chocolate in the fridge, the crisps in the cupboard and the wine in the wine rack are calling you. Calling you like Sirens waiting to attack. This is going to be a tough one… Would it be better just to eat them all quickly to get rid of temptation!?

2. The Weigh Day dread

You put off walking into that room full of strangers as long as you possibly can. You've got a smile on your face but your heart is pounding. Do they like you? Do you like them? Is this some sort of competition or are we all in this together? AH!

3. The group leader intros

There you were expecting to be met by Mrs Trunchball's evil sister, ready to tell you off in front of the group for slipping up when that extra biscuit was just too tempting. You breathe the biggest sigh of relief when your group leader is actually one of the nicest people you've ever met... Phew!

4. The Syn thing

Your hubby thinks you've lost it, but you sort of love that it's like a secret Morse code that only you and Donna around the corner know. You text each constantly, sending pictures of your meals, what's in your fridge, with every caption reading 'How many syns is this?!'

5. The cravings, oh the CRAVINGS!

It's like you're pregnant all over again. The cravings take a hold of you and your stomach growls for avocado, cake, olives… It's madness we tell you – MADNESS! You don't even like olives!

6. The Weigh Day celebration

You finally step on those scales and see the pounds drop. You realise it was all worth it! 100% worth it. Cue streamers, music playing and a National Day named in your honour.

7. The morning after night before

Yes, you're still on a major high after last night's weight loss. Kerry, your Slimming World leader, has even text to say congratulations and the certificate? Well, let's just say the kids' pictures have been moved on the fridge to make way. You've never felt so proud or powerful. Heck, you feel like Beyonce!

Jessica Dady
Food Editor

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