This app tells you the MOST DANGEROUS places to avoid walking in your area

Are your regular walk routes putting you at risk?
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  • WalkSafe app tells you the MOST DANGEROUS places to avoid walking in your area as people seek to step up their outdoor safety.

    WalkSafe app reveals the most dangerous places to avoid walking in your area and has been downloaded as people step up their safety following the tragic murder of Sarah Everard.

    It comes after the iPhone feature that could save your life was revealed.

    The free app, which is available to download for android use on Google play store and for iPhones via the App Store, was launched last year and has its own website too. It is designed to keep women, men, and children safe from any existing dangers in their area by highlighting crime reports, updated twice weekly, on its map functionality.

    The creators of the software state on its website, ‘At WalkSafe we value safety. We all value our safety, but danger is a fact of life. Even when walking we make bad decisions because we don’t know where the dangers lie. We increasingly worry about mugging, violence, and knife crime. These dangers are numerous, hidden, changing and unknown – it’s impossible to know them all, all the time.’

    The App, which is useful for those doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge, has seen an increase in the number of downloads, in light of the recent murder of Sarah Everard, who was walking home from a friend’s house in South London when she went missing before her body was discovered a week later.

    Its co-founder, Emma Kay said, “This app should not have to exist but if creating it helps just one person avoid a bad situation, it’s worth it.”

    How does the WalkSafe App work?

    The WalkSafe map visualises crime reports published monthly by the Police – this helps users to see where serious crimes have been committed, to spot patterns, and to identify regular trouble spots.

    The app publishes key data twice weekly. The WalkSafe app also scans the road ahead – alerting its users when they walk near areas that have seen reports of knife attacks, sexual assault, mugging, and pickpocketing.

    Its website states, ‘And while no one can predict where the next crime will be, however, we believe being informed and staying alert is the key to staying safer.’

    WalkSafe app reveals the most dangerous places by providing the information and intuitive features that allow you to regularly check areas of crime, identify trouble spots and take action. Plan a safer route, check your regular routes and help your loved ones stay safer with WalkSafe.

    What other features does WalkSafe have?

    With Homesafe you simply choose your contact, type in the final location, and add the arrival time. If you arrive safely, a gentle notification will be sent to your protector, however, if something doesn’t go according to plan your protector will be notified with an alert of your location.

    If you arrive afterward or your safety has been established, the home safe will be ready for the next trip.