Having big boobs makes you move slower, study suggests

We knew it!
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  • A new study has suggested that having big boobs really does make you move slower.

    Yep. It turns out that all those excuses about the burden of having more excess breast tissue to carry around than everyone else do actually have some traction behind them.

    And this is especially the case when it comes to people who take part in running.

    A study has revealed that the bigger your boobs, the slower you are able to run.

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    Scientists at the University of Portsmouth found that runners who have boobs bigger than a DD cup will take longer to complete a marathon than those with an A cup, even the fitness levels of the two runners are similar.

    Study leaders found that the time taken to complete the marathon by runners can actually increase by between 4.6 to as much as 8.6 minutes for each higher cup size.

    This means that a woman who wears a 32DD sports bra could take more than 18 minutes longer to complete a marathon than someone who wore a sports bra in size 32A, despite having similar training and fitness levels.

    big boobs slow down running

    Not wearing a supportive bra can shorten your stride (Credit: Getty)

    An odd finding was that the difference increased with higher bra band sizes, as scientists found that someone in a 36DD bra would finish the challenge nearly 35 minutes after someone in a 36A bra.

    Researchers believe that this could be down to the amount that a woman’s boobs move when she is running, with too much movement causing pain and discomfort.

    The study, conducted by Brooks Running, found that woman who run without a bra that is supportive enough can shorten their stride by up to four centimetres.

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    This means that they could end up running an extra mile more than the length of a marathon.

    So big-boobed ladies, don’t beat yourself up if you miss out on that PB by a couple of minute – and get those supportive bras out!

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