Bleeding eyes make-up tutorial

Make Halloween make-up less of a trick and more of a treat with this incredibly easy (and spooky!) bleeding eyes make-up tutorial.

Want a spooky but still simple Halloween make-up look? These creepy bleeding eyes will do the trick!

Whether you're incorporating this sinister style into a zombie costume or letting them be the star of the scare on their own, all you need to do to recreate this bleeding eyes make-up is follow a few simple steps, using items you've probably already got in your make-up bag.

You will need...

  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Black kohl eyeliner
  • Black (or dark grey) eyeshadow
  • Dark red lip lacquer
  • Two small make-up brushes - one to draw lines, and one for blending

How to create bleeding eyes Halloween make-up

  • Start by applying your normal face of make-up, if you wish - we've applied a neutral base of foundation and concealer and some winged eyeliner
  • Use the black gel eyeliner and a firm-tipped brush to create small branch shapes, extending out from your waterline and down across your cheeks
  • Smudge the lines slightly as you draw
  • Add spots of the red lip lacquer to the black lines and rims of your eyes, again smudging slightly as you apply
  • Darken the inner rim of your eyes with the kohl eyeliner
  • Repeat the same process on your other eye. Don't worry if they're not symmetrical!

And you're ready to hit the Halloween party!

Tip: Apply red lip lacquer to your lips as well for a more dramatic, vampy look!

(Note: When choosing your make-up products for this look, it's important to select eye-safe products and take care when using the lip products around the eye area).

Have you recreated our bleeding eyes Halloween make-up tutorial? Leave us a picture of your work in the comments below!

Products used in this video: GOSH Extreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner, Coloup Pop Liquid Lipstick in Avenue, Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Eyeshadow Palette, Real Techniques Starter Set eye brushes