B&M is selling Mrs Hinch faves Minky cloths for just £2.49 – but they’re limited to three per customer

bm selling minky cloth limited number
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If you’re a fan of Mrs Hinch's faves Minky cleaning cloths, you’ll love this news.

Bargain store B&M is now selling Minky cleaning cloths, and they come in at a killer price.

Anyone who loves Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch (i.e. everyone who has come across her inventive and creative cleaning tips and tricks) will have heard of Minky cleaning cloths.

The clever anti-bacterial cleaning pad is one the most well-known favourites of Mrs Hinch, who recently released a whole book full of her cleaning advice, and fans of the Instagram star have scrambled to get hold of them ever since Mrs Hinch shared her enthusiasm for them.

The cleaning cloth was so popular that even Marks & Spencer’s version completely sold out just because Mrs Hinch followers wanted to get their hands on some form of the cleaning material.

Fans also went crazy back in January when the Minky cloth became available in leading supermarket Morrisons for only £2.50, and the cloths were so popular at the time that the store even had to restrict sales to only one per customer.

Well now another high-street retailer is following suit – but you can get more cloths for an even cheaper price.

bm selling minky cloth limited number

Credit: Minky

Budget store B&M is selling the bestselling Minky cloths for only £2.49 each, and while you can’t exactly stock on as many as you want, the product isn’t restricted to just one like Morrisons.

Customers who are shopping for the Minky cleaning cloths are limited to buying three cloths per transaction – but there is also another little catch.

You won’t be able to go online and do a quick order to stock up on the cloths, you’ll have to actually head out to the store if you want to get your hands on them.

But for the super cheap price and the fact that you can say you have a Minky, it’s worth it…

Happy cleaning!

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